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First of all, I would like to thank [Yin ke Day] for making such a good decision. Article !

Why can't I understand anyone who has learned Japanese for three or four years? Why can't we remember a word after reading it several times? Why? Why? Our hearts are always filled with too many questions.
As a science, Japanese has a certain degree of regularity, while memory is also skillful. There is an old saying in China: linyuanyu, it is better to get out of the net. Here I want to talk about the small method of "network connection. Of course, Due to space limitations, I can't write too much details here. I hope it will play a very important role.
I would like to ask, how long does it take for friends to remember five words? I'm afraid it will take over 1.5 minutes, right? Here, we spend 10 seconds to remember five words.

Chinese: harmful moth, mosquito, and pest insects

There are five terms above. What are their patterns? Mosquitoes, moths, and worms are harmful. Text and moth are pests. After we understand this, we will mark them as Kana.

Japanese: Mosquitoes, moths, insects, insects)

I can't understand the five words, but I only need to remember the word "Pest. The "mosquito" alias is "yellow". Adding two points to the "yellow" alias turns into a "Moth" alias. The katakana of a pest begins with the katakana of a moth, And the katakana of a pest is the first half of the katakana of a pest. There is only a little difference between the Katakana and the katakana. How can I write it down in 10 seconds ?! This is the learning method. As long as you find the rules between them, it is a pleasure to remember words.

When we remember words, we often worry about remembering several aspects, such as how to write Chinese characters, how to read them, and what they mean. At the same time, it is a headache to remember several aspects. Now let's take a look at how to learn using other methods. Let's sort out the words. As follows: (of course, only a few examples are used)

0 0 (えいご) 0 (えいこく) 0 (えいせ)
Huang Sheng 0 (えい) hero 0 (い) liquid 1 (えき)
Liquid 0 (delayed Branch) 0 (delayed Branch) postponed 0 (delayed Branch)
Acting skills 1 (0) Performance 0 (0)
Aid 1 plays 0)
When foot 0 (delayed growth) 0 (delayed growth) When foot 0 (delayed growth) When foot 0 (delayed growth)

when we look up the dictionary, we will find that the meaning of these words is exactly the same as that of Chinese. Then, we only need to remember how to read them. If there are two thousand such words, how long should we remember them? The answer is: one week. Of course, if you don't pay attention to a few methods, you still won't be able to remember a few. Here we need to know a little bit about quick memory.
when recording things, we usually use the left brain, that is, the left brain learning method. In fact, the right brain records 1 million times faster than the left brain. Of course, we cannot use all the functions of the right brain. If we really use the right brain learning method, we will be able to "Never forget ". So how can we use the right brain to learn?
if you remember words one by one, you can use the left brain learning method. It is often said that ten words should be remembered in a day, and thousands of words will be remembered in a year. So, I tell you, unfortunately, you are using the left brain learning method. Of course, you can learn many things using the left-brain learning method, but you have to pay a lot of time for it.
the human brain works according to the given conditions. If the information enters the brain at a low speed, it is done by the left brain. On the contrary, if the information rapidly enters the brain, it is processed by the right brain. Well, we can use this function to learn words.
first, we will sort out the words I mentioned above, and then use a tape recorder to record all their pronunciations (if you are afraid of inaccurate reading, you need to look for them ). Are you ready? (By the way, when you remember these words, you should think of them as Chinese words you don't know, because they mean exactly the same as Chinese words. However, many of them are traditional Chinese characters .) Let's start learning.
we divide words into several parts and remember 300 words at a time.
first, read the word roughly once, then open the recorder, and store the recorded tape at a speed of 2 to 4 times. It is important that your eyes keep up with the words you read. Listen to 300 words three times and then start reading them out loud and fast. After reading the tape several times, we can put the tape several times at a normal speed. You will find that the words have been remembered. It takes 30 minutes to remember 300 words.
the method of memorizing words is speed-view, Loud Reading, large volume, repetition, and fast listening. How is it? Amazing! (Who! Whose tomato... Wow, there are smelly so... Rotten eggs * who? Ah... Who is hitting me... Don't hit me... Conversion from context to context and from context to context)

Let's take a look at how to remember the words after class? Many people write and write on the book over and over again, which takes a lot of time, but has little effect. Now, I want to introduce a learning method, that is, when learning a new lesson, I don't want to practice words first, but read the text directly. when reading the text, I don't want to think about the meaning of the text or a word in my mind, once you understand what a word means, it turns into a left brain learning, because some rational and logical things are processed by the left brain, the Learning Method of the left brain is to learn the language through grammar knowledge. However, the right brain does not pursue memory and understanding. It just needs to put a large amount of information into its mind mechanically. Therefore, we need to use this function flexibly. That is to say, when learning a new lesson, you do not need to remember the words first. Instead, you need to read the text first. When you encounter a word that you don't know, you need to read it in the word list and then continue to read it down. After reading the text three or four times, words are remembered. Of course, I may not feel used to it at the beginning, and I cannot remember it. If so, after reading it, I open the word list and practice words. I think at least it is much faster than training directly. Try it!

Finally, let's talk about how to train my friends who are most concerned about listening? Here I will talk about a small method. First, prepare a box of Japanese tapes and a pen and a local copy. Then we listened to the tape from the beginning, understood a sentence, wrote a sentence, and understood a word to write a word. What I understand is that when the tape says "love is nothing", you need to be able to reflect the meaning of "love. Don't listen to too much content at a time. Five minutes is enough. Listen repeatedly. If you don't understand it, check the dictionary again. If you understand it, take another lesson. If you don't understand it, you will continue to listen to the content for five minutes. In this way, you can practice for at least three months (you must practice every day). One day, you will suddenly feel: Sorry! I can understand Japanese. Many people have such a wonderful experience ?! How is it? Is it very simple ?!

The best way to learn is to learn Japanese if you do not study hard or stick to it. Therefore, diligence and self-help are good training. Yes.

They are all too large and too large.
There are many learning methods. As long as you are good at summing up the learning process, you will be able to find a learning method that suits you. Because Xiaomei is engaged in martial arts rather than Japanese, mistakes are inevitable. Please kindly advise. It would be even better to give more people a little help or inspiration. Due to limited Forum space, I will not help my friends sort out the words. If you need them, follow them below. If many people need it, I will post it. Otherwise, the Forum space will not be wasted. (Laugh)

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