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I recently started to learn Japanese because of my work. Because there is no foundation, and completely self-study, coupled with limited time, the feeling is quite difficult. Sometimes, just recite the pseudonym, will forget how to write, see a lot of Chinese characters also do not know how to read, for this is very distressed.

Recently suddenly found that as long as a small subtotal, you can let word for my service, help me consciously Japanese. The good thing naturally does not dare to enjoy alone, writes out, hoped that has the same need friend to have the help.

Step one: Run Word and enter Chinese characters that don't know how to pronounce Japanese.

The second step: Select the target text, click "Tools" → "Language" → "set Language", in the Pop-up "language" dialog box, find the "Japanese" item and select it, and then click the "OK" button.

The third step: click "format" → "Chinese Layout" → "phonetic Guide", in the pop-up "Phonetic Guide" dialog box, click "Combination" or "word" will have different effects, if the word too despise, you can change the font size.

The final effect as shown in Figure 5, with Word This can be seen everywhere the right-hand man, you still worried about learning Japanese.

This article tests through the Windows XP Professional SP2 system and the Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 Software Environment. Some friends who install a compact version of the system may not be able to implement the effect in this article. The reason for this is that in a streamlined system, the Japanese language may be streamlined, resulting in an incorrect display, rather than a problem with this method.

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