Learn some online resources for the Apple Swift language (updated September 10, 2014)

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Swift is a new programming language introduced by Apple for OS X and the iOS platform, which has inspired a lot of attention in the developer community. In just a few days, there have been more than 500 questions about Swift on the stack Overflow website, and on GitHub, there are up to about 350 searches for a library written in Swift.

For developers interested in learning the language, there are a number of useful entry resources available on the Web:

  • Swift programming language

    In itunes, Apple has provided a free ebook "Swift Language Reference manual". Access to itunes requires the use of Apple's device, and for anyone without an Apple device, an HTML version of the same content can be found on Apple's website. Due to the Swift language, this ebook is definitely the most basic and comprehensive resource for learning swift, covering all aspects of the language, including the ability to work with c/objective-c.

  • Apple's Swift Blog [new]

    One of the most valuable resources for understanding swift-related news and deep learning about its language features.

  • Swift language Selection

    From the Raywenderlich.com website, a OBJECTIVE-C Programmer's perspective introduces some of the new features introduced in Swift: type inference, generics, switch statements, and constants.

  • Ray Wenderlich's Swift tutorial [new]

    The set of swift-related tutorials on Ray Wenderlich's website is already quite large, including both the fundamentals of Swift language and the simple application examples written with Swift based on some iOS frameworks.

  • Using Swift to write Tetris program [new]

    An online book that guides developers on how to build Tetris applications with Swift's Spritekit API.

  • Some interesting swift features [new]

    An online book that guides developers on how to build Tetris applications with Swift's Spritekit API.

  • how to In Swift use objective-c in class

    Step-by Petherbridge, written by Mark, describes how to use the Objective-c class in Swift by creating a bridge header file.

  • using Swift developing iOS Application

    The five-part series of tutorials written by Jameson Quaver teaches you to develop iOS apps from scratch using Swift. This tutorial series contains the following topics: Create a "Hello World" application, create a network API request and resolve the best practices for the generated JSON, protocol (protocols) and Proxy (delegates), an interactive tabular view, asynchronous picture loading, and caching.

  • Learnswift.tips

    A collection of learning materials about the Swift language, organized by the Reader's level (entry, intermediate, Advanced), and several interesting items selected from GitHub.

  • Swift Language Quick Check table

    It is also a resource on the Raywenderlich.com website, which summarizes the most important grammatical rules of swift language on a single page of paper. Includes: implementation of the class, Declaration of methods, instantiation and use of objects, declaration of variables, control flow, string/array/dictionary small examples.

  • So Swift

    A collection of large amounts of resources sorted by time, including tutorials, videos, and libraries.

  • Swift vs. Scala comparison table

    Comparison of Swift and Scala syntax, including the structure, expressions, declarations, patterns, and types of control flows.

  • swiftlang.eu

    Another Swift resource collection site. The Mobi, PDF, and epub versions of Apple's "swift programming language" book are available. There is also a community section where developers can share ideas and source code.

  • function type swift[new]

    The purpose of this blog is to help developers understand how functional elements in the F # and Scala languages are implemented (or not implemented) in Swift.

  • High-order functions in swift [new]

    An article focused on closures in swift and how to use closures to build sequence operations such as filtering, mapping, and simplifying.

  • Functional programming in Swiftz:swift [new]

    A functional programming library that defines a purely functional type of data structure and function.

  • Explore the memory layout of Swift [new]

    Mike Ash explains to developers how Swift's objects and classes are laid out in memory. The second part of this series has also been released.

You can also learn about the background of the swift language and the relationship between it and the LLVM compiler in this article, published by Alex Blewitt in Infoq.

Currently Swift can only be used in the developer Preview version of Xcode 6, and Apple has released this version of Xcode to all developers who have registered for the Apple developer program.

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Learn some online resources for the Apple Swift language (updated September 10, 2014)

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