Learn Swift to write iOS? What about Android and Winphone? Take a look at one stone three birds ultimate solution-silver!

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First of all, you have to know that Silver is the free implementation version of Swift in Apple's latest programming language.

With silver, you can use the Swift language to write. Net,java, Android and Cocoa APIs. You can even share most of the non-UI parts of your code on these platforms.

Get a beta version

Silver is still in beta, but it is already in a very usable state. Please provide your email below and we will register your access right away. It's free, oh!


Built on the foundation of a decade of strong compiler knowledge and technology build-up, Silver is a true soundtrack of Swift's Compiler, which provides compilation work for the. NET clr,java/android JVM and the Cocoa runtime.

Silver supports 3 platforms, but it's important to note that it's clearly positioned in a non-cross-platform direction from the outset, and it's focused on allowing you to write your app in a native way using the swift language on every platform, rather than encouraging people to use it to write cross-platform applications like other crappy street frameworks. With silver, you can reuse your language technology and professional tool skills, while you can reuse a lot of the background business logic you've written-but you'll use it to write apps on individual target platforms. Why? Because great applications are written in this way.

Development environment

Silver is not just a compiler, it is also a complete tool chain and development environment for developing mobile applications.

For developers who have been developing on Windows, Silver is deeply integrated into Microsoft's top ides-visual Studio 2013 and 2015.

For developers who have been developing on Macs, Silver brings you fire, which is our own set of development environments that are designed to compile and create lightweight, high-yielding applications for the elements/components on your Mac, and a development framework that we develop on our own.


For a closer look at the Silver related documentation, please visit docs.elementscompiler.com/silver.


English original reference link: http://elementscompiler.com/elements/silver/

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Learn Swift to write iOS? What about Android and Winphone? Take a look at one stone three birds ultimate solution-silver!

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