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One. Start by installing the source code, combining its documentation and manuals, to familiarize itself with its functionality and how it is applied.

Two. Browse the directory structure of the source code to understand the capabilities of each directory.

Three. After the above two steps to believe that you have a preliminary understanding of the open source product, then start to analyze its source code it now. In this step we begin to analyze the source code framework. For example, the entry mode is a single entry or multiple entrances, the call rules between pages, can find out a function of the page according to the rules.

Four. Familiar with the source code writing style, such as indentation, layout format.

Five. Familiar with the source code used in the database and tables, you can refer to its technical support documentation.

Six. After several steps I believe that we have a deeper understanding of the source code, but this understanding is only superficial, down from 6 aspects of the specific to analyze it:
1. Portal construction and the implementation of the way the page calls, if you read the tool class and tool functions, try to familiarize yourself. This step of analysis can be learned from the source code of the system architecture.
2. Analyze the source code used in the tool class and tool functions, so you can learn a lot of programming skills. Can improve their programming skills.
3. Combine some security rules to study how this source code implements security-related design. This can improve their awareness and skill in security.
4. If there is a template engine, study the source code of the template engine. Roughly from the realization of the way, efficiency, ease of use, and so on several aspects to consider.
5. Study the system of each function module, so that can learn programming skills can also open their own programming ideas, the next encounter similar dongdong in the heart of the spectrum.
6. The research system uses the design pattern, the same function realization, uses the design pattern to be possible to differ many, compared with us before the Dongdong analysis design pattern, is promotes us to control the code the begotten.
7. Study the source code on Access pressure, execution efficiency, system efficiency, database query optimization.

The above is a personal summary of some experience, here to give a look, we have any better way, please tell us.

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