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May every day be a good day

The same life and mentality have different perspectives on things. You must be able to jump out and look at yourself and know yourself with an optimistic, open-minded, and considerate attitude. Do not demand yourself, but more importantly, surpass yourself and break through yourself, there is hope for a good life. The person that makes you angry has gone far, and you are still angry with him. Why? Kang de, a philosopher, said, "angry, punish yourself with others' mistakes 〗. When you jump out and look at yourself, you may wish to look at yourself from another perspective, and you will realize that the hardships, fatigue, happiness, and comfort of life depend on a person's mood and attitudes towards life, feelings about things. If you jump out and look at yourself from another angle, you will face your life calmly and never take others' mistakes to punish yourself again. When the pain strikes you, you may wish to jump out and look at yourself from another angle, bravely face this many life, and then look for the cause of the pain on the sad soil, the lessons and methods to overcome the pain allow the soul to make brave choices in the heart of the thorns, to find the maturity of life.

If you jump out and look at yourself from another angle, you will be happy in your life. "Every day is a good day", and your mind will be open-minded and free from troubles.

In other words, an old mother gave birth to two daughters. The eldest daughter was married to a businessman who sold umbrellas, and the second daughter was working in the dyeing workshop. this made the mother sad every day. when the sky is fine, she worries that her eldest daughter's umbrella cannot be sold out. When the sky is overcast, she is sad that the clothes in the dyeing workshop of her second daughter are not dry. She is also sad and gloomy in this sunny day, and she will be white in a short time. One day, a distant friend came to see her, surprised her by her aging, and asked her why, but she was not funny. The friend said, "Your eldest daughter's umbrella is selling well on a cloudy day. You are happy to be, on a sunny day, you should be happy with your daughter's dyeing workshop business. In this way, you are happy every day. Every day is a good day. Why are you not happy ?" From another perspective, the old mother thought: "That's right !" From then on, she was always smiling and happy every day.

In a person's life, there is always no way to be confused, angry, or suffering from natural disasters and man-made disasters. At this time, how do we deal with it?

I remember a philosopher who once said, "Our pain is not what the problem brings, but what we think about these problems. This is philosophical, And it guides us to be free. Here, I think of another story:

On the evening of summer, a beautiful young woman threw herself into the river and was rescued by a white beard while boating in the river. Gong asked: "Why are you looking for something short ?" "Two years after I got married, my husband abandoned me and the child died again. What do you say I have fun living ?" The father-in-law listened to me. "How did you live two years ago ?" The young lady said, "At that time, I was free and carefree ......" "Do you have a husband and children at that time ?" "No" "Then you were sent back two years ago by the ship of fate. Now you are free and carefree. Please go ashore ......"

Just as the voice fell, the young lady suddenly made a dream. She blinked her eyes and thought about it. Then she went offshore. Since then, she has not been short-sighted. The young lady turned to me. It is because she looks at herself from another angle and sees a new dawn. Feel free. In many cases, all our sufferings and troubles are misjudgments made by ourselves based on the experiences we have gained in our past lives. In this case, we may jump out and look at ourselves from another angle, you will not fall into the dark for the battlefield failure, the mall failure, or the disappointment of the scene; nor will you gain fame or praise. Looking at yourself from another angle is a kind of breakthrough, a kind of relief, a kind of transcendence, a kind of high level of quiet, so as to get free and fun. Turning to the world from one perspective, the world is infinitely broad. changing to the other, people are not safe. May every day be a good day for you!

When the ideal and pursuit of life cannot be realized, you may look at life from another perspective. From another perspective, there will be another philosophy and another view of affairs.

Hold your keys to happiness

A mature person should master the key to his own happiness. Instead of expecting others to make him happy, he can bring happiness and happiness to others. Everyone has a "happy key" in their hearts, but we often give it to others without knowing it!

A lady complained, "I am not happy because my husband is not home on a business trip .」 She put the happy key in her husband's hand. A mother said, "My child is disobedient and makes me angry !」 She handed the happy key to the child. The man may say, "My boss doesn't appreciate me, so I'm depressed .」 The key was put in the boss's hand again. My mother-in-law said, "my daughter-in-law is not filial. I am suffering !」 The young man walked out of the stationery store and said, "My boss has a bad service attitude. I am so angry !」

These people make the same decision-Let others control his mood!

When we allow others to take control of our emotions, we feel that we are a victim. We are powerless about the current situation, and complaints and anger are our only choice. We began to blame others and sent a message: "You are the cause of my pain. You are responsible for my pain !」 At this point, we entrust this important responsibility to people around us-that is, asking them to make me happy. We seem to admit that we are not able to control ourselves, and we can only put ourselves at the mercy of people. Such a person makes others dislike or even daunting.

A mature person can grasp the key to his own happiness. Instead of expecting others to make him happy, he can bring happiness and happiness to others. He is in a stable mood and is responsible for himself. Being with him is a pleasure, not a stress.

Spiritual practitioners teach us to be masters of ourselves, not to be influenced by the environment or desires of things. The Bible teaches us to "always rejoice, everything is inclusive, and everything is grateful .」 Where is your key? In the hands of others? Get it back!

The source of happiness comes from oneself, not others!

Be considerate when frustrated

Sometimes frustrated in life is inevitable, and it is easy to get people out of satisfaction. For the sake of failure, dissatisfaction with reality is useless, and everything should be solved with a wide mind.

As the saying goes: "It's always bad .」 Isn't life so sad? No. You know one thing, that is, "Let's get things done 」. We should have this belief: frustration is a kind of refining process, and our hearts won't be cool even if it's frozen for three feet. The larger the snow, the richer the year.

"The sky is wider than the sea, and the human soul is bigger than the sky .」 No matter how we sharpen people, how can we compress you into a box, but the space of thinking is unlimited. There is no barrier in your mind's vision, and it is very broad. The charm of life is here!

If you stand tall, you can see it far away. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, colorful life, different colors; sweet, bitter, salty, five flavors, each has its own advantages; joys, sorrows, and fears, seven kinds of emotions, endless. There is no smooth sailing life. If there is no setback in your life, it will be too monotonous, too boring, and too boring. Without the embarrassment and humiliation of failure, what is the joy of success? You may not be able to endure the cold and warm feelings of human feelings or the blow of failure. You may have said, "Bad things are always bad, then, when it is a rock standing in front of it. Straighten it out and push it up! Maybe our vision will be more open-minded and open-minded!

People are very kind. They often give their tolerance to strangers, give their gentleness to their loved ones, but forget to leave some for themselves. There is a very useful sentence called "nothing 」. Always say "nothing" to others, out of courtesy, out of kindness, out of pretense, out of helpless, or out of care, or out of ulterior motives. No matter what the reason is, who makes life so unsatisfactory? If you want to persuade yourself, you should also learn to say so. Days without sunshine are gloomy. You must learn to say "nothing", and life without friends is very lonely. You must learn to say "nothing 」. I am tired. I need a sincere understanding to say "nothing". I am tired of myself and myself. To say this, it is not to let you indulge in all the mistakes, but to extricate yourself. It is not to forget all the regrets, but to refuse to indulge. It works only when you comfort yourself.

People are compassionate and sad to see others-except the enemy and the enemy-they will not be happy and always come forward to persuade them. The advice is out of kindness and philosophical speech. However, people who listen may not be able to listen to it, nor may they follow it because of the terrible pain. "I don't want anyone to do anything," said a female. You still need to ring the bell when resolving the bell. Only the moles on your mind can be unlocked by yourself. The words of friends and good guys are only catalysts. You are the factor that determines the role .」

In short, frustration is inevitable, and the right is relaxed.

Blame yourself for failing to make a good choice in frustration

When encountering setbacks, no matter how strange others, it will eventually be futile. In this case, we can only blame ourselves for failing to make a good choice, because at any time, we blame ourselves for being the smartest and correct attitude to life.

When we were a child, every time we accidentally fell down, the first thought was to find out what was wrong. We always blame others for putting things in disorder, but we still can't find anything. Although it does not have direct effect on relief of pain, it is a comfort to find the object that can be blamed and prove that you have no responsibility.

When we grow up, when we encounter setbacks, we always do not consciously find many objective reasons to excuse ourselves. If we cannot find the cause, we say that our lives are not good. We don't think it is absolutely naive to let ourselves off, because we are always trying to cheat ourselves again and again.

One of my friends who opened a company in the Shanghai region just a few years ago recently turned to "bad luck", and the original thriving business suddenly failed, for many years, the company has been loyal to him and left him with two business deputy directors, and even "quit" to his competitor's company.

In the midst of internal and diplomatic difficulties, this friend did not seriously and timely reflect on himself. Instead, he simply blamed his past comrades for betraying himself. Therefore, he indulged in anger and grief and no longer believed in others, the result is a vicious circle, and the entire company is in a bigger dilemma.

In fact, there is a problem in the company's operation. As the boss of the company, it is natural that he will not shirk his mistakes first. Even if someone else betrayed him, first of all, he will be improper in employing people, if you blame others for all your mistakes, you will be faced with greater risks. Fortunately, this friend finally woke up with a family reminder and began to admit his mistakes in all aspects of the past, and objectively summed up the failures and lessons that have been learned by his stubbornness.

Resentment is actually a kind of weakness, but also an immature manifestation. It also masks the reality that you cannot face and leaves the hidden danger of repeating the same mistakes in the future. Without blaming others objectively, there will be new contradictions. In the true sense, a strong person is not a lucky person who is smooth sailing. He must go through all kinds of pain and challenges. To overcome all difficulties, a person must first defeat himself. The premise of defeating himself is to reflect on himself, only blame yourself.

I just blame myself for being a relief. Because we refuse to recognize mistakes, we simply take into account our own faces and refuse to admit our failures. In fact, there has never been a general victory in this world, all the burdens and faces of the self have been quietly put down when they bravely admit their mistakes, so it will become easy for them. The so-called "take a cut, grow a wisdom 」, people who are good at summing up their own will turn the lessons of failure into their own wealth.

I only blame myself for being a kind of force, and those who are used to blaming others will sooner or later lead to resentment. A person who is brave enough to be self-disciplined is undoubtedly Noble, so he will have the power to tolerate the whole world, let everyone admire their extraordinary demeanor and be willing to communicate with each other. I only blame myself for being a realm. In fact, even if others really have something that can be condemned, too much blame is not helpful. Anger cannot solve any problem, but review is the only feasible way, and there is no problem at all. The most insurmountable enemy in the world is itself. If a person has reached the point where only one opponent is left, he is already invincible.

Hidden faults-errors, errors, and errors

There was a young couple. After a month of marriage, his wife wanted to go back to her house and invited her husband to go home with her. The wife said to her husband, "This time we go home, whether it's for our parents, or for our friends and family, we must be polite. Don't be reckless or rude, OK ?」 The husband said to his wife, "don't worry! I will not humiliate you or disappoint my parents .」 After arriving at the maiden's house, his wife chatted with her parents about the current situation. Her husband looked at the East and West, and walked around here.

Unconsciously, the husband came to the rice room and saw a pile of white rice. When he thought that he was a little hungry, he grabbed a handful of white rice and stuffed it into his mouth with a mouthful of white rice, at this time, my wife also came into the room, and her husband could not swallow it for a while, so she could not vomit.

When his wife saw his painful appearance, he asked him, "What's wrong with you? What is uncomfortable ?」 The husband couldn't speak at all. His wife looked at him and was confused. She approached him and found that her face was raised. The wife immediately took her husband to see her father and said, "Dad! You see! Your son-in-law may have problems with the mouth. Please ask the doctor to see him !」 My wife has always followed her husband, so she has no chance to escape at all. He secretly complained: What should I do?

Soon after the doctor came, the doctor looked at the raised face and said, "This is an unknown tumor. You need to open the knife quickly. Otherwise, your life may be dangerous !」 As a result, the knife was opened for the husband, but the result was just a white rice. Only then can we know that it was caused by stealing white rice, which made four people very embarrassed.

What should I say to my father-in-law? Still don't scold? The husband is a shame for his wife! For her husband, the result of stealing white rice was a Big Bang, which made everyone busy. For the doctor, he was very embarrassed. He diagnosed the tumor as an unknown tumor and took out the white rice. Therefore, everyone did not dare to speak, and the results were not good.

If a person has a little credit or a little strength, he or she will like to show off others, lest others do not know. However, if there is a little bit of fault or a little defect, you are afraid that others will know it and wish to hide it. The ancients said, "If you do not know, unless you do not do anything .」 If you don't want others to know about your faults, unless you don't do it, because it's just a moment to hide it, and sooner or later someone will know it. Being honest is what a gentleman does. People who like to conceal their mistakes will not be respected in the end!

People are not sages, and occasionally make some mistakes. But if you confess it, it means you have a regretful heart to eliminate the sins, and learn to grow in the wrong ways to make yourself better and better!

Dare to be inferior to others

If you dare not be as good as a person, you just dare to admit your shortcomings. This is a kind of courage to expect growth. Everyone has a length and a short length. Only by looking at this point can you better than others at last.

I often feel inferior to others in many places.

In housework, it is better to be a hardworking and competent housewife; at work, it is better to be a good-looking colleague; in dealing with interpersonal relationships, it is worse than even a 12-year-old daughter; in terms of the use and mastery of new knowledge, young people are not as quick and agile as they are. They encounter complicated things and lack the knowledge and skills of elders. The worst thing is that they lack the ability to respond to emergencies, the response was slow, and even the victory certificate was clearly achieved, but it was just a clean loss.

Someone once said to me with confidence: You don't have to argue with me. You can't argue with me. Think about it too. It's easy to get bored and often get confused when you encounter something in a hurry. If you miss your judgment, you forget the core point of the incident and the other party's worries about the loss, which is inexplicably overwhelmed by the other party's arguments.

The tone is the lowest, the mentality is the quietest and the quietest, and has experienced several rounds of setbacks. Gradually, I also want to understand that a person cannot beat others everywhere, you may suffer from greater and unexpected natural and man-made disasters. Just like a person with minor illness or disaster recovery who has been lingering for a lifetime, they often enjoy the benefits of the sky, and those who have no disease, no pain, and are so red and Red often cannot be prevented. Fate is often impermanence and there is room for doing anything. In fact, from another perspective, dare to be inferior to others is also a certain degree of self-confidence. Only those who dare to be inferior can be better than others. How can a person always surpass everyone else if there is a building outside the building? Everyone has their own advantages and advantages, and has their own shortcomings and weaknesses. It is wise to develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, the result can be imagined if you touch the best housekeeping skills of others with the weakness you are not good. People have all kinds of potential and superiority, but you cannot have the opportunity to play out in all places. You can only use your strength in one place, where you do not have the strength, where you have no time to worry about it, you must be less powerful than those who have used it. You have limited energy and opportunities. Therefore, there are few places where you can be human, and there are definitely many places where you are not human. Only by understanding this point can you have a calm mind and be truly human.

"Style" multi-faceted view

The style of life is dazzling and changeable. Have you ever seen these "styles" as described below?

The old-fashioned and self-styled person has an unbreakable "Feng ge". He is addicted to himself, and he holds his own opinions. If he is bored, he will not be able to speak out. Those who have this "seal" are always unable to accommodate themselves because they are narrow-minded, short-sighted, and even unable to accommodate themselves. This kind of self-closed narrow life is really undesirable.

On the contrary, the rich cultural connotation and profound personality cultivation cover the great abundance of things. This abundance allows us to see everything in great ways and enrich our hearts and minds. Because of its wide knowledge, our thoughts are all focused on the broad and magnificent home, country, and world.

Compared with "Feng ge", it is a hysterical "crazy 」. When a woman who is not well-developed is "crazy", people call it in court. people describe the scene like a Hedong lion. the tsunami and the mountains in the evening are chilling, and the heart of the husband and wife is full of sorrow and sorrow. The beauty of women to warm, should have someone to see and love Neide and self-cultivation, the so-called lanxinhui quality, xiuwaihui is also. Never turn into a fierce woman, and make the parents sad and cold-hearted.

The mountains of Wei 'an are vast and profound, which is desirable. After arriving at the peak, our eyes were open and relaxed. The internal spirit of the "peak" is that "the ambition is ambitious and the footsteps must be steadfast", and the ambition is steadfast and pragmatic, so that you can stand taller and see farther.

If the blade is too sharp, it is easy to fold. The word is sharp and mean, and the act is as sinister as the blade, this will not only make yourself alone and helpless, but also a taboo created by heaven and earth. However, if we can sharpen this field, we will be able to practice the painstaking diligence and professionalism, just as "Bao Jianfeng has been honed from the bitter cold, plum blossom fragrance 」, in this way, you can make a great career for your husband. No matter what kind of situation we are in, the changes of good and evil are always in one mind. A bright candle shines to light the Valley of the millennium. On the contrary, when evil thoughts are combined, they are isolated from each other. People with lofty ideals should always look at their own "style" and do not make bad habits like "Feng" and "crazy" like "Feng, it harms our own kind of inherent goodness and Ultimate Goodness.

Choosing and giving up decide your life

You don't know how to choose or give up.

My grandfather made me a dragon with paper.

The space in the abdominal cavity of Changlong can only accommodate a few small and medium-sized locusts crawling slowly.

However, my grandfather caught a few locusts and put them in. They all died and were not spared!

Grandpa said: the locusts are too impatient. Apart from struggling, they never thought of biting the dragon with their mouths, nor did they know that they could climb forward from the other end. Therefore, even though it has a clamp-like mouth shell and a toothed thigh, it does not help.

When my grandfather put a few qingworms of the same size into the faucet, and then shut down the faucet, the miracle came: in just a few minutes, the little qingworms climbed out silently from the tail of the dragon.

The death of a locust is because it does not know how to choose. It only knows that it is constantly struggling and does not know how to give up, so there is only one dead path. However, qingworm knows to give up, knowing how to choose, it survived.

Fate has always been hidden in our thoughts. Many people do not go out of the shadows of different stages of life, big or small, not because they are born with personal conditions far less than others, but because they have never thought of biting the shadows, and do not patiently and slowly find a direction, step by step forward, until the eyes appear new holes.

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