Learn to differentiate between the versions of Visual Studio 2005,visual Studio Team System and MSDN Premium subscriptions _ Basic applications

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Mohammad Akif illustrates the differences between the product families of Visual Studio 2005 and the previous one using a graphical approach.
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You should know some of the versions and features of Visual Studio 2005 and learn to choose the right version, not just for developers, but for every development executive. In the process of communication, it is found that the relationship between the Visual Studio, the Visual Studio Team System family and the MSDN Premium subscriptions version is unclear to many people.

Here are some of my understanding:
  • 1. The MSDN universe is gone, and if you've been a cosmic subscriber before, you can now smooth upgrade (in Software architects, Software developers,software testers three subscription levels by role selection), You may also consider paying upgrades to the MSDN Premium subscriptions-visual Studio version of the Team Suite, which you can refer to here
  • 2. MSDN Premium Subscriptions has 5 levels, Team Suite, Software Architects, Software developers,software testers, Professional De Velopers
  • 3.Visual Studio Team Foundation server needs to have a separate license, basically this license is consistent with other Microsoft server products, which means that each installation requires a server's license, and each additional access /access to the team Foundation server also requires a CAL (Client Access License), and the visual Studio Foundation server contains a SQL Server 20 05 Standard version of the license. Specific information can be referenced here because it also involves visual Studio team Foundation Server and Office System, Windows Server 2003, and Windows SharePoint Services License, as defined in the document is very clear.
  • 4. The Visual Studio team Suite is also a client of Team Foundation server and does not include a team Foundation server, but includes an access team Foundation serv Er's Cal, on the other hand, says it's most full-featured, which means it covers the team Edition for Software Architects, the team Edition for Software developers, the team Edition for Soft Ware testers Three versions of all features.
  • 5. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server also has a Workgroup Edition version, which is included in Visual Studio 2005 's team Suite,team Edition For Software Architects, the team Edition for Software developers, the team Edition for Software version, and the features and team testers Server is the same, but it is limited in functionality and can only contain 5 accounts. License, it does not require a team Foundation Server license, but requires a license of MSDN Premium subscriptions, which is used to comply with the Premium of the MSDN License subscription
  • 6. Visual Studio Standard Edition and Visual Studio Professional Edition You can think of it as the traditional visual Stuido 2005, which is Visual Studio 200 5 Team System does not have a similar version of Visual Studio prior to the appearance, and the Visual Studio Team Client series (Team Suite,team Edition for Software Architects, Te Am Edition for Software developers, the team Edition for Software Testers), the two tools do not have an Itanium 64 compilation support, only x64 compilation capabilities, The other major drawback is that these two versions do not connect to the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and do not have all the code profiling,static anal The Visual Studio's team client family Ysis,code Coverage,test Case Management can only connect to the visual SourceSafe source code server. Simply put, if your work has nothing to do with Visual Studio Team System, you can consider using the Visual Studio Standard/professional version.
  • 7. Of course, I also found a problem, the current MSDN Premium subscription of the 5 levels of the definition does not include visual Studio team Foundation Server, then team Foundation server into the official version, Is it also possible to download from the level of an MSDN Premium subscription?
      A comparison of
    • Visual Studio 2005 versions can be referenced here
    • compare to MSDN individual subscriptions here
    • Visual Studio 2005 Comparisons between versions of Team System can be referenced here
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