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Sherlock Holmes, a character that fascinated me very much. He once said that everything in the world has been done by our predecessors and there is nothing new. This sentence is also suitable for our study. What we have learned is nothing new, which was summed up by our predecessors and practiced by our predecessors. Or it may have changed on the basis of our predecessors. There are few completely innovative things. Therefore, we should try our best to draw lessons from our predecessors.

We learn from our predecessors, just like the relationship between child classes and parent classes. Our predecessors are parent classes, and we are child classes. What we learned from our predecessors is to inherit their predecessors. Everything left by our predecessors can be inherited by us. Learning the experience of the predecessors is like inheriting the attributes of the parent class; learning the ways in which the predecessors do things is like inheriting the methods of the parent class; and making some improvements to it, it is like rewriting the parent class method.

Inheritance is to reuse the parent class and make some improvements based on the actual situation. We also learn the same thing at ordinary times. We learn the experiences and theories summarized by our predecessors. Of course, sometimes we need to adjust them according to our actual situation. Our principle should be to inherit the experience and theories of our predecessors as far as possible, because they have been circulating for so many years, which is enough to prove that they are justified.

For example, the software development theory and related procedures have been well-developed and mature after years of exploration and summarization by our predecessors, we only need to follow the standards. Most of the methods and skills summarized by our predecessors are applicable to the present, but after all, the current environment is still different from the previous one, for example, what Jade or calligraphy and painting will be given to gifts in the past. Now, people will send messages to China and Moutai. So there needs to be a little change.

In short, most of the things of our predecessors are suitable for our current environment. If we need to innovate, we should also learn the theories and experiences of our predecessors and understand their advantages and disadvantages, innovation on the basis of it should not be imagined or innovated at will.

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