Learn to think, learn to use help tools

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Learn to think, learn to use help tools
Today I did nothing, so I went to the "Microsoft student center (http://www.msuniversity.edu.cn/)" And wanted to pay attention to the latest developments in Microsoft's new technologies and some internships for college students. in the meantime, I visited the download of the "Web Service Development getting started" Video Course in the resource download center and suddenly thought that I knew little about this.

Since I went to Beijing dream Animation Technology Co., Ltd. for an internship in February of this semester, most of the courses in this semester were not studied, including xmlwebservice. So I want to download these video tutorials, or take a look at them later. But unfortunately, I don't know if Microsoft is playing tricks or if my internship company has a problem with the network speed. Three of the four videos cannot be downloaded. However, what I thought was how to take all these video tutorials into consideration, so I decided to stop. So I went to Baidu and Google to search for the same resources for download.

As a matter of fact, I have encountered many other problems. Fortunately, some of my colleagues gave me some reference methods and tried them later. But I am confused about this solution: how can we convert Chinese gb2312 encoding into UTF-8 encoding ??? Although yusongzc provides a solution, I just don't know how to convert it. After searching for half a day on Baidu and Goog, I didn't find how to convert it? Finally, my colleagues help me to know how to convert Chinese characters into UTF-8 code? It turned out to paste the Chinese font you want to enter into Google's search box, it corresponds to the UTF-8 code is displayed in the IE Address Bar.

I am confused about this simple question for a long time. I am very disappointed with myself ......
During my three-month internship, I still did not learn how to learn "? Learn how to use Baidu, Google, msdn, csdn, and other help tools? At this moment, I feel like my food is delicious? I am a little worried about my future work after my internship. After all, I have not responded to my resume on the Internet? If I don't learn how to think, how to learn, how to use the Internet, and how to use all the resources around me, my future is really a problem ......

Problem: msmyctowjh1
Problem: 1-ws-web Services Technical Architecture <a id = "required" href = "javascript :__ dopostback ('ctl00 $ managercontentplaceholder $ webpartmanager $ portalview1944 $ ctl00 $ hyperlinkfilename ','') "Style =" font-weight: bold; "> 1-ws-web Services Technical example. Zip </a> why can't I download it !!!, Help ???

Respondent: yusongzc
Solution: It's okay to move your mind. You didn't download 2, 3, or 4, so you should know how to get it...

For example:
3. The file name is 3-ws-web services.zip.
And 3 is: ftp://www.msuniversity.edu.cn/repository/WebServiceLesson/3-WS-Web%20Services.zip (the simplest view with thunder will know)
Analysis: Only space in the file name is replaced by % 20, and other file names are the same. In this case, the 1 should be:
Ftp://www.msuniversity.edu.cn/repository/webservicelesson/1-ws-web%20services%20technology %.zip
However, because it contains Chinese characters and gb2312 encoding, we need to convert them. Now we can search for the "Technical Architecture" to find out the UTF-8 encoding corresponding to the "Technical Architecture, % E6 % 8A % 80% E6 % 9C % af % E6 % 9e % B6 % E6 % 9e % 84
So the truth is: ftp://www.msuniversity.edu.cn/repository/WebServiceLesson/1-WS-Web%20Services%20%E6%8A%80%E6%9C%AF%E6%9E%B6%E6%9E%84.zip
Download it at this address ....
This is why we need to move our minds in the future. Haha .....

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