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Almost everyone who uses computers has ever experienced computer viruses and antivirus software. However, many people still have misunderstandings about viruses and anti-virus software. Anti-virus software is not omnipotent, but it is never a waste. The purpose of this article is to allow more people to have a correct understanding of anti-virus software and use it more rationally.

Misunderstanding 1: good anti-virus software can scan and kill all viruses

Many people think that anti-virus software can kill all known and unknown viruses, which is incorrect. For a virus, antivirus software vendors must first intercept it, analyze it, extract the virus features, test it, and then upgrade it to users.

Although many anti-virus software vendors are constantly trying to kill unknown viruses, some vendors even claim to be able to kill unknown viruses by 100%. Unfortunately, this is impossible after experts' arguments. Antivirus software vendors can only discover as many unknown viruses as possible, but far from reaching the 100% standard.

Even some known viruses, such as overwriting viruses. The virus overwrites the original system file. Therefore, the operating system cannot be restored even if the antivirus software kills the virus.

Misunderstanding 2: anti-virus software is dedicated to virus detection and removal, while Trojan killing is dedicated to Trojan killing.

Computer viruses are clearly defined in the computer information system security protection regulations of the People's Republic of China. Viruses refer to "computer function destruction or data destruction caused by computer program insertion, A group of computer commands or program code that affect computer usage and can be self-replicated ". With the continuous development of information security technology, the definition of viruses has been expanded.

With the continuous development of technology, the definition of computer viruses has been generalized, which roughly includes: boot zone viruses, file viruses, macro viruses, worms, Trojan horses, backdoor programs, malicious scripts, malicious programs, keyboard recorders, and hacker tools.

We can see that a Trojan is a subset of viruses, and anti-virus software can completely scan and kill them. From the anti-virus software perspective, there is no difference between clearing Trojans and removing worms, and even killing Trojans is easier than clearing file viruses. Therefore, it is not necessary to install Trojan Scan software separately.

Misunderstanding 3: My machine does not have any important data, there is a virus to reload the system, no anti-virus software is required

Many computer users, especially some online game players, think that their computers do not have important files. The computer is infected with viruses. Simply format and reinstall the operating system. No antivirus software is required. This is incorrect.

A few years ago, virus writers wrote viruses mainly to find fun or prove themselves. These viruses often use superb writing techniques and have obvious attack characteristics (such as a day of a month, deleting all files, and so on ).

However, the virus has changed dramatically in recent years. virus writers seek economic benefits. The virus does not have obvious characteristics and does not delete data on the user's computer. However, they will run quietly in the background to steal the account information of game players, QQ passwords, and even bank card accounts. These viruses can directly cause economic losses to users. For individual users, it is more harmful than traditional viruses.

This virus is often detected when the user's account information is stolen. Even if

Format the computer and reinstall the system. The stolen account cannot be found.
Misunderstanding 4: anti-virus software with high virus detection speed

Many people think that anti-virus software with high virus scanning speed is the best. Even many media make detection and removal speed an important indicator when evaluating anti-virus software. It is undeniable that all anti-virus software vendors are constantly striving to improve the anti-virus software engine to achieve a higher scanning and removal speed. However, it is one-sided to evaluate anti-virus software based on the speed of virus detection.

The speed of antivirus software virus detection is mainly related to the engine and virus characteristics. For example, one antivirus software can scan 0.1 million viruses and the other can only scan 100 viruses. Each record must be matched when anti-virus software detects viruses. Therefore, anti-virus software that detects and removes 100 viruses is faster.

A good anti-virus software engine requires analysis, shelling, and even virtual execution of files, which takes a certain amount of time. Some anti-virus software engines are relatively simple. They do not analyze files too much and only perform feature matching. This anti-virus software can quickly detect viruses, but it may leak more viruses.

It can be seen that although increasing the speed of Anti-Virus is the goal of every manufacturer's constant efforts, it is unscientific to measure the anti-virus software quality from the speed of checking the virus.

Misunderstanding 5: No matter whether anti-virus software is genuine or pirated, simply install one that can be used.

Currently, many people install pirated anti-virus software on their machines. They think that anti-virus software is safe enough. This is incorrect. Anti-virus software is not the same as other software. Anti-virus software needs to be upgraded frequently to detect the latest and most popular viruses.

In addition, most pirated anti-virus software damages some data more or less during the cracking process, causing some key functions to be unavailable, system instability, or virus leakage detection and removal by anti-virus software. Some malicious hackers directly bind viruses, Trojans, or backdoor programs to the anti-virus software to bring unnecessary troubles to users.

Anti-Virus Software buys services. Only genuine anti-virus software can continuously upgrade and provide after-sales services. At the same time, if users of pirated software really encounter unsolved problems and cannot enjoy the same after-sales service as users of genuine software, the use of pirated software seems to be cheap, but the actual loss is not worth the candle.

Misunderstanding 6: determine the resource occupation of anti-virus software based on the memory occupation in the Task Manager

Many people, including some media, conduct anti-virus software evaluations. They use the Windows Task Manager to view the memory usage of anti-virus software and determine the resource usage of a anti-virus software.

Different anti-virus software has different functions. For example, an excellent anti-virus software has monitoring systems such as registry, vulnerability attack, email sending, receiving, webpage, boot area, and memory. Compared with anti-virus software that only supports file monitoring, the memory usage is certainly more, but it provides more comprehensive security protection.

At the same time, a small number of anti-virus software vendors intentionally limit the amount of memory occupied by anti-virus software in the program to deal with the evaluation, so that these values look very small, generally around KB or even dozens of KB. In fact, although the memory usage is small, anti-virus software requires frequent hard disk read/write, which reduces the software running efficiency.

Misunderstanding 7: as long as no floppy disk is used, it will not be poisoned if nothing goes wrong.

At present, there are many ways to spread computer viruses. They can be implemented through floppy disks, USB flash disks, mobile hard disks, lan, files, and even system vulnerabilities.

Row propagation. If a computer with a vulnerability is connected to the Internet, the computer will be infected with viruses even if no operation is performed.
Therefore, it is very difficult to prevent computer viruses only from the habit of using computers. Therefore, we must cooperate with anti-virus software for overall protection.

Misunderstanding 8: anti-virus software should be installed with at least three to ensure system security

Although different anti-virus software vendors claim to use different technologies, their implementation principles may be similar or identical. Real-time Monitoring programs that enable multiple anti-virus software at the same time may cause conflicts. For example, multiple virus firewalls compete for one file for scanning at the same time. Computers installed with multiple anti-virus software often run slowly and are unstable. Therefore, we do not recommend that you install multiple anti-virus software, do not enable their real-time monitoring programs (virus firewalls) at the same time ).

Misunderstanding 9: Install anti-virus software and personal firewall.

Many people regard the Real-time Monitoring Program of anti-virus software as a firewall. Some anti-virus software calls real-time monitoring a "virus firewall ". In fact, the real-time monitoring program of anti-virus software and the personal firewall are completely different products.

In general, anti-virus software is anti-virus software, while personal firewalls are anti-hacker software. They have different functions and are indispensable. We recommend that you install these two types of software at the same time to protect your computer.

Misunderstanding 10: The exclusive killer tool is better than anti-virus software. First, find the exclusive killer tool.

Many people think that anti-virus software vendors have launched the exclusive killer tool because there are problems with anti-virus software and such viruses cannot be completely killed. In fact, this is not the case. Anti-Virus manufacturers are obligated to launch a free exclusive tool for viruses that have severe damage and spread rapidly, however, this does not mean that anti-virus software itself cannot kill such viruses. If your machine is installed with anti-virus software, there is no need to use the exclusive killer tool.

The exclusive tool is only a small tool that cleans up viruses on your computer. Compared with the complete anti-virus software, it does not have the real-time monitoring function, while the engine of the exclusive tool is generally relatively simple and does not kill viruses in compressed files or emails, in addition, it generally does not perform a shell check on the file.


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