Learning about [neural networks] The best book is "self-built Neural Networks". The ebook is now available in Baidu!

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Instructor Ge yiming's "self-built neural network writing" e-book was launched in Baidu reading.

Home page:Http://t.cn/RPjZvzs.

Self-built neural networks are intended for smart device enthusiasts, computer science enthusiasts, geeks, programmers, AI enthusiasts, and IOT practitioners, it is the first and only Neural Network book created using Java on the market.

The self-built neural network is simple and interesting. It is a popular book for neural networks. It understands us and human thinking and behavior, important! It is useful for mastering the substantive application of genetic algorithms!

The goal of the self-built Neural Network book is to help ordinary people create their own neural networks step by step and help us understand what neurons are and what perception machines are, it also helps us understand how to make machines (or programs) improve their cognitive capabilities! It is of great significance for the development of smart devices!


Write Neural Networks and neural networks teaching materials by yourself

Write Neural Networks = lab works by yourself

Write a neural network by yourself = I am using it

Write neural networks by yourself = give the program an IQ

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To purchase an e-book, you will get:

1. Face-to-face communication between QQ Group 96980352 and instructor Ge yiming!

2. One book that changes your fateAll-in-One neural networks by yourself!

3. With the Book source code, you can build your own neural network !!

4. http://bbs.uucode.net/forum to discuss the technologies that you cannot see!

5. shenjingwangluo11, public account of "Neural Network", learn more about AI and machine learning!

Scan the QR code of the public account!

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