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Chen has read a few books over the past two days despite the stock market slump, and has some superficial experiences.
I have read a rough book on AJAX for Javascript. I want to learn from the most basic Ajax mechanism and find that the implementation of Ajax for Javascript is quite troublesome. Of course it is not technically complex, it's just there. net and WebSphere-based eclipse development experience, and then use ASP or JSP is always back to the previous kind of endless error checking and self-compiled component helpless state, but fortunately with the Ajax framework, free me and other personnel.
In fact, it is wise for beginners like Ajax to learn about Ajax for JavaScript, it helps me understand the most fundamental and core aspects of AJAX (XMLHttpRequest objects, Dom, XML, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, and XSLT!
Then I saw WebSphere (JBuilder, Eclipse, rad, JSP and Servlet, struts, JSF, EJB, etc.), which is similar to. net Development and configuration platform is also a powerful development environment based on J2EE. net is obviously not enough. I have to learn more about WebSphere development!
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