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I have been trained in a training institution for some time. It is very famous and many IT people want to come here for further study. I also want to come here for the same purpose. At the beginning, I worked very hard and made every day full of things-coding. I feel this is a very good day. I talk about a lot of content every day. Gradually, I cannot afford it, and it cannot keep up with the progress. However, we will continue to study hard.

At the beginning, we strengthened our learning base, database, and ADO. net, Layer 3, Asp. net, but in the days that follow, I began to become lazy, passive, and do not like to learn. I seldom knock on code every day, and I don't know what it is, that is, I don't want to learn, now I have pulled a lot of courses, and I am worried that I don't want to do this, but I just don't want to learn. I am too lazy, or it may be that these days are too depressing. Every day, I will tell myself that I must study hard tomorrow, but I still cannot hear it the next day. The teacher told me that if I don't understand it, I will start to become distracted, I will not attend the lecture this morning. Why? Maybe you don't want to hear it !! Recently, it has been decadent. What should I do? Take a two-day break and adjust your mindset !! Come on !!!!

No matter how you identify this path, you must stick to it and cheer for your future life !!!

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