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Is Things Industry While Learning XI――To new entrepreneurs

L Li Qun Wei


Everyone wants to live better and the society is realistic. This desire can only be achieved by their own efforts. If you live in a highly competitive society, especially in the IT industry, your career will undoubtedly become the focus of men. Although you may not be happy when your career succeeds, it is indeed the foundation of happiness, and many people are busy with it. I have seen many people who have a shoulder-to-shoulder career and an anti-family. They have become accustomed to their busy days.

In general, apart from luck, the strong knowledge you have mastered determines your career. ge also said that the asymmetry of knowledge is the source of making money. People sometimes learn only because they are interested, and sometimes learn for exams. When you grow up, you must learn for your career.

It is a natural nature for people to pursue utility. If they cannot grasp it rationally, it is likely to lead to "sharp success and near profit", "a rat's eye", "a mistake going astray", and so on. Therefore, while learning for our career, we must combine "utilitarian" with "rational. The following are some of my own workshop views on learning, which are for your reference only:

Determine the corresponding strong knowledge structure based on the career objectives, learn these strong knowledge purposefully and step by step, and constantly update the knowledge structure with the development and changes of the career and individual. Many of you have just graduated from school. You must understand that the basic knowledge you have learned in college is only enough to make you a "craftsman" to earn a meal. Most science and engineering students have little access to economics and management, which is due to the incomplete understanding of "learning mathematics and physics well and not afraid of going all over the world. If you do not pay attention to learning strong knowledge, but only know how to develop technology and code every day, it is difficult for you to develop. In the IT industry, a college student is equivalent to a soldier when he reaches the enterprise after graduation. If he can learn software engineering and project management well at work, he knows how to lead the team to develop qualified products and become an officer at the forefront of the battle. If he has mastered marketing, financial management, and other knowledge, not only can the product be well developed, but also can be sold well, and can use money to generate money, then he will become a future talent. The school can only train soldiers. If you want to become an officer and general, you must constantly learn for your career.

Learn basic knowledge. If the business is a high-rise building, the basic knowledge is equivalent to the Foundation. As the saying goes, ye Mao can learn from the roots. If you have a good basic knowledge in school, you will be more likely to learn the upper-level things and be full of stamina. If you learn the basic knowledge quickly and quickly, you will inevitably suffer. Nowadays, many students work outside the school. In practice, it is a good thing to find their own knowledge defects. However, if they leave their jobs to the end, they will not be able to make a big decision. I personally think that learning is like practicing martial arts. Internal skill cultivation is the most important and recruitment is secondary. The key is not that the old man gave him the trick. The most important thing is that he had the inner force of the yixiao school for more than 70 years. Of course, we need to learn basic knowledge that is closely related to our career goals, and consider opportunity costs. If you only want to build a small bungalow, there is no need to build a foundation of dozens of meters. Otherwise, the cost is too high.

When I was studying, I was eager to work. When reading and studying, you must make full use of your own expertise while constantly making up for what you are not good. I remember a friend told me that a person would naturally be unwilling to do many things in his life. In fact, we can't ignore these issues. When appropriate, we need to analyze and dissect things. Many times, we need to do things that we don't want to do, but we can't do without them, and constantly make up for the shortcomings of our knowledge because we didn't do these things. Many computer science students and even software experts have to overcome these problems because they were too difficult to write or write basic technical documents at work. At work, we create benefits for the company. We must develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses to reduce the losses caused by our mistakes.

We should not only learn new knowledge, but also learn from errors and failures to form a virtuous circle. Generally, it is easier to learn new knowledge because we are interested and motivated. Most of the time, we do not dare to face errors or failures, because we are afraid, because we have to face it. In fact, only by looking at our own mistakes and correcting them in a timely and brave manner can we make fewer mistakes and fail in our short period of health. Otherwise, failure is not the mother of success, and failure is the mother of failure.


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