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A very important task of coming to Japan this time is to study. It is called training in the company. The two key aspects are Japanese learning and technical learning. As the Sino-Japanese relations continue to improve and more people in China learn about Japan through multiple channels, it is said that 0.6 million Chinese students will apply for Japanese this year, but only 0.2 million of the students can take the test (unlike others, there are limits on the number of Japanese students). You can imagine how many people want to take the test. Some colleagues and friends around the world also learn or want to learn. If they do not consider national sentiment, I think many people are looking forward to it and want to know more about the country of Japan. It is also post-war reconstruction, people can develop so quickly in the short term that there are indeed many things worth learning. Of course, those who stick to their own ideas may feel dismissive, but it turns out that many people come out, the goal is to build a better country. Learning Japanese well is a prerequisite for us to gain a deeper understanding of Japan. We can understand people's ideas without communication.

I have just been here for a while. I especially want to learn Japanese well. I also want to take time to read books at work. However, my work is too busy. I also wanted to study hard when I had time on weekends, but I didn't really want to take a weekend. Besides taking a break, I often had to go out for a while. After all, it was rare to have a weekend or work overtime on weekends. Many people think that it is not ideal to learn Japanese well. Although there is an environment, it is still difficult to use it. Most of the time, we are busy working in the company. There are also a lot of opportunities for communication. Our colleagues in the company can talk to them, probably because they didn't understand it at the beginning, I feel that I have not communicated with my colleagues. Of course, it doesn't matter if you say hello at work. The real communication requires a certain Vocabulary (even if you can't say a whole sentence, you can at least say the words you want to express ), words are often remembered at the time, and we forget them again next time.

to learn Japanese, I think of many ways to remember some typical sentences I see and hear every day. For example, I often hear Japanese colleagues say when they call each other, "I understand". Sometimes I come back and remember it twice. After a long time, I still have some spare time. I got a copy of the pen from the Internet, and I also got "last friend". The English name is last friend, which has indeed developed a lot of sense of language. After all, there are many real scenarios, then I can go to school and enjoy both entertainment. It's really good. Because they are looking for Japanese dubbing and Chinese subtitles, they still learned some simple statements. In addition, I often learn some Japanese networks. I want to remember some statements so that they can be used in my daily life. Later, I found that I could learn Japanese by tram every day. I think it would be nice to back these subway stations first, even if I had more than a dozen subway stations along the way to and from work, there is also the station broadcast that will be heard every time you sit. The same idea was made when I bought MP3. It took me an hour or two to get to and from work on the subway, and I did nothing, so I had to spend the same time. It's better to watch and remember how much I can remember. However, although the idea is good, after a while, I find that the effect is not so ideal. Sometimes I feel too tired or too sleepy to listen or want to watch the tram, or just go to bed for a while; sometimes too many people are too crowded to see, or sometimes the work is not good, do not want to listen to bad mood. It seems that there are too many excuses. I used to talk to my colleagues. I didn't learn Japanese well. Maybe it was because my work was too busy, but he also said that I always used this as an excuse, it's been around for a year. Therefore, for learning, whether in terms of language or other aspects, we must persevere and persevere. It is never easy to learn a language well. Even if there are many Chinese Characters in Japanese, what should I do? I have read the translation I posted, if you don't look at the answer, follow your own understanding. In many cases, you may get wrong, and you may get wrong. Sometimes we always blame that there is no environment, no time, or no good methodology for Japanese. In fact, when we think about it like this, we can find a lot of excuses for ourselves, and our learning progress will be stagnant. If you want to learn well and use Japanese well, you have to work hard.

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