Learning programming lessons from watching videos and learning programming lessons from videos

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Learning programming lessons from watching videos and learning programming lessons from videos

First of all, I have been studying programming for half a year. Now I am a senior graduate. I graduated in February. My major is in the mechanical and electrical fields, which is almost irrelevant to the IT industry, so I have no basic learning programming.


Watch video learning

I am familiar with python programming by reading a book and understanding it and then writing code with the book. After learning for a while, my friend introduced that online search training videos are easier to learn, so I found a set of videos and learned them slowly. After getting started with the video, I realized that I had never understood it before. So I gave up reading books and learning to watch video code every day. I was so passionate that I thought I was improving every day and I could learn a lot of new knowledge every day. However, I felt paralyzed. When I was looking for a project to practice, I found my mind blank and I had no thoughts at all. I checked whether the answer was what I learned? A simple principle! Knowledge points are very basic. Why can't I write them? So I found a lot of exercise questions to check myself, and the results were miserable, so I wouldn't be able to turn around. The result is:

Watching videos makes you feel like you will, so you will not subconsciously use it to practice it.

Most of the time I watched the video, I learned how to make it so simple. Then you can practice the next knowledge point once or twice. However, you only know that it is not your knowledge. The video just tells you the same thing. It cannot make it your real knowledge. You must practice and discover the problem on your own, and have your own insights.

Finally, I warned myself: It's not terrible to watch videos. What's terrible is to take knowledge for granted, instead of accumulating, practicing, and reading!


So I want to start a new journey. It is too important to learn python from the basics.


Video learning is a good method, but do not indulge in it !!!!

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