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: This article mainly introduces how to learn the UI, which makes me better. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, please refer to it. Learning the UI makes me better
In a twinkling of an eye, I have been in Brothers for two months. during these 50-day study of the UI, there were ups and downs, laughter and tears, success and frustration! Some people have concluded that in any school, mediocre college students are similar, but not mediocre college students have their own glory. we cannot satisfy mediocre students. we should start a new day in a better way, instead of waking up every morning. Vocational training is a mature place from childish to mature. here, we should study professional knowledge, expand our knowledge, and cultivate our own abilities, here I will talk about my learning experience and experiences in Brothers.
Brothers are relatively full in their courses. in addition to mastering the content given by teachers in class, they also need to practice through a large number of homework to expand their design ideas on the basis of improving their professional knowledge. If we say that learning in college is a learning path for children and led by teachers, we will become a leader in brother-in-law Learning. in this competition, you can jump across the bar, but you cannot wait for the teacher to take you on the start line. Only self-help and self-confidence learning can achieve good results. just like a good football player, he cannot only listen to the coach's opinions, but should think on his own, because after all, he shoes the ball on the court and steals the ball, you shot yourself.
As for the learning method, I believe it is not the best. it is better to find a learning method that suits you. just like working on a project, choosing a style that suits you is the best. I think the interest and purpose of learning are the most important. here I will make a simple induction: Prepare and preview in advance, so that we can keep up with the teacher's pace smoothly in the classroom, achieve better listening results; listen carefully and keep records. recording notes in the classroom helps you pay attention to the lectures. In addition, you can focus on your homework and exercises to reduce blindness, pay attention to the communication, avoid the repetitive work caused by long-time forgetting, master the review interval, and communicate with other students to explore ways to answer questions, and opinions on different issues will help broaden the thinking.
Here, I want to talk about the importance of software. Software is a very important and basic course. we must clarify the use methods of various tools and make sure they can be kept unchanged, in the future, the icon production and effect requirements can be achieved. In the early stage, we must lay a good foundation for the software, lay a solid foundation, and implement it. this is absolutely sloppy. In short, software is a necessary tool at work, not only to learn well, but also to learn fine, pay attention to the lectures in class at ordinary times, to work diligently after class, familiar with the learned skills, I believe that as long as the time is up, failed.
The exam is a necessary part of a brother's life and must be taken with a correct attitude. However, the most important thing is that, for exams, scores are not important. you must find out the deficiencies in your study, check for missing vacancies, and learn the knowledge points you won't know. Therefore, we must pay attention to the importance of the phase exam, which also tests your learning achievements to a certain extent.
In short, in our brother's life and study, we must establish a good mentality, be confident, and earnestly complete each day's homework with our own persistence and efforts, do a good job in every phase of the UI project, arrange reasonable time, make full use of resources, rely on your own efforts and struggle, believe in yourself, success will belong to you!
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I have learned more about the UI, including some content. I hope my friends who are interested in PHP tutorials can help me.

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