Learning using j2-based Learning (1)

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Learning using j2-based Learning (1)
I will not comment on the Quality of Java and C ++, but I have heard that the portability of Java and C ++ is better. I will take some time to study it here, A while ago I studied symbain and Windows Mobile, both of which can be developed using C ++. However, developing a mobile software requires separate development for these two operating systems, making it difficult to reuse the code, I personally feel that it is better to use C # To develop Windows Mobile applications, with high development efficiency and good maintenance.

1. What is J2EE?
Java 2 Micro Edition is one of the three branches of Java (j2se, J2EE, and j2s, relevant JSR (Java specifictian request) is developed by the JCP organization. Each Vendor implements the request in its own product according to the specifications, but it must pass the TCK test to ensure its compatibility.

We should also understand the two new terms cldc (connected limited Devices
Configuration) and MIDP (mobile information devices profile)

The j2-based platform is built by cldc and MIDP.
Configuration: a collection of the smallest class libraries provided to devices of the maximum range. The configuration includes both Java virtual machines.
A short table is a collection of Development kits provided for a series of devices.

Another concept is the option package. Some columns are developed based on different devices. Here, there are scattered items, such as APIS for Bluetooth.

2. What is MIDlet?
MIDlet is an application model defined by MIDP. It is used by AMS (appliction management software). AMS is responsible for its installation, deletion, download, and operation.
We have defined this program model for our programs, just like our c ++ DLL model, with our own entrances and exits. Let's take a look at it first, when the code is used, you just need to draw a tiger like Mao. When we learn a language, we must learn its unique specifications. When should we develop our own specifications for others to learn :)

It is not a problem for C ++ programmers to learn syntax. Java is very similar to C ++, the most important thing is to learn a series of specifications and learning. If we find the desired package and use it, we have STL, ATL, wtl, and MFC in C ++, there is also the most basic Win32 API. I now know wtk (Wireless Toolkit) and SDK packages from some vendors in j2s, there is no concept in which bag should I find the required things in my mind. This estimation has to be done slowly :). It is still that sentence, and the language is not difficult, what's hard is how to absorb all the currently usable toolkit and try to pull it back. I have not found any tutorials on C ++ developers on the Internet, but I have to sort them out :(!

I personally feel that these Java specifications are a little messy, and every package is messy. It is too troublesome to build an environment, and the entry threshold is a little high. Maybe it is the reason why I just got in touch with it, I am spoiled by ms vs, but it is difficult to learn it. I am not doing advertising for Ms here :), from the developer's perspective, ms gave us a thorough thought.

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