Leaves, is because of the pursuit of the wind, or the tree does not retain?

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You know?
The original tree is without leaves.

Tree: So lonely.
God: Then, let her accompany you ~

The next day,
The sun shines on the tree,
His original bare branches have a tender green figure.
She stared at the tree with blinking eyes.
Tree: Who are you?
Leaf: I am the leaf of a tree.
The smile of the leaves is very warm.
The heart of the tree has a kind of inexplicable moving.
From then on, the trees and leaves are so accompany each other, each other.

The life of the tree and the leaves is as calm as the lake.
Until the birds break in ...

The tired bird stopped at the branches of the tree.
Bird: Sorry, excuse me.
Tree: Never mind ... Are you from a faraway place?
Bird: Yes.
Leaf: What's the world like out there?
Bird: Have you never been there?
Leaves: Well ...
Bird: The world is colorful outside, there are beautiful flowers, beautiful people, beautiful things.
All right, I'm on my journey.

After the bird left, the leaves of the mood has been very low.
Tree: What's wrong?
Leaves: Nothing, I just envy birds, can go outside the world to see.
Tree: Sorry ...
The head of the leaf was shaking like a rattle.
Leaf: But the leaves with the trees are the happiest.
Because, the leaves are like this love the tree.

The tree is not so kind of deep love with the leaves around.
Love the warmth of the leaves smile, the expression of sleep,
Love every day with the leaves,
Love to share everything with the leaves.
But he couldn't give the leaves the life he wanted,
But selfish to leave the leaves at their side.
The tree is very sad to think of here.

In the quiet night, the leaves were asleep.
Tree: Wind, you take the leaves away.
Wind: Is it really possible?
Tree: Well. Only you can make her happy.

The wind is the pursuer of the leaves.
These days, he has been accompanied by the leaves.
Wind: The heart of the leaves is too heavy for the wind to blow.
Leaf: Because the leaves do not want to leave the tree.

So later,
The wind took the leaves away.
The leaves of the day, the tree did not retain.
Wind: Will you regret it?

Where's the tree? Will you regret it?
Leaves leave, is the pursuit of the wind, or the tree does not retain?

PS: Once, we thought that as long as their own retention, what will be desired. Love each other must be together, do not separate. But now I have known that some things are not willing to Suiyuan, such as the tree love the leaves, but the leaves are still gone, because the tree want to let the leaves themselves to choose their own road, stay can not stay!
Can't change the environment, can only change themselves. Do not feel that I am not worthy of love, but love in reality is actually very fragile. When we were young and energetic, we believed in love, and after feeding our youth again and again, we became stronger and wiser, began to obey the rules of society, and began to become secular.
I want to make the right decision at any time based on what you want? What do you most want to get? To get what you want the most must be abandoned is not very want, judge which is lighter, you know the choice, you are really mature!

Leaves, is because of the pursuit of the wind, or the tree does not retain?

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