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A few years ago, I heard a lot about it career planning experience from Kong Wenda. I heard it again yesterday and made a little record to share it with you. (Webcast is here)

I. IT professional characteristics

  • Boring
  • Not valued
  • Continuous learning-fast technological updates
  • High requirements on human Comprehensive Quality
    (1) technology-practical work
    (2) Communication-talking with users about requirements
    (3) Speech-Product Introduction
  • Not understood or even questioned-complain about it if there is a problem
  • Slim promotion opportunities

Ii. Experience summary, six suggestions

  • Constantly motivate yourself. Ah Q's Spirit tells himself that "I can do it" and "I can do it with a little more effort"
  • Strive to keep up with the technical trend. The only method is learning and then learning. However, if you have a learning method problem, you cannot learn it as a fool.
  • Enrich yourself with the existing environment. Exercise in a real environment in the enterprise.
  • Constantly discover new opportunities.
    (1) technical capability
    (2) promotion opportunities: promotion and job-hopping
  • Develop a main line. Chew more
  • Participate in free technical conferences whenever possible. Web cast ......

3. Five cutting jobs in your career

  • Level 1: "yellow and yellow" Stage
    Three years after I graduated from college or got an internship. Be ambitious and want to accumulate background for yourself in a short time.
    In general, you may make a mistake: If you want to be higher than your own abilities, you can quit.
    Suggestion: do not change jobs. Reason: it affects professional credit.
  • Second hurdle: "career building" Stage
    Three to five or six years of work. At this stage, you have set your own goals for work, career, and even life.
    However, the goals set at this stage are easy to change and have certain career ideals, but they are not stable and solid.
    Suggestion: set your own goals at this stage, and hope you can find your own advantages and disadvantages in five or ten or two years, and give yourself an affordable price, then let yourself work in a certain direction.
  • Third hurdle: "career lock" Stage
    You are usually thirty years old and have been working for five or six years. At this stage, people will not easily say "I want to change jobs ", even "I want to change to a job that has nothing to do with the present ". Because at this stage, people are both old and small.
    People's career ambitions will fall, and people have set a lifelong goal for themselves.
  • Fourth hurdle: "career development" Stage
    There are two ways to develop a business: one is to be employed by a company, and the other is to set up a company and do what you do.
    Suggestion: Do not start a business unless you are ready to start a business.
  • Fifth hurdle: "steady career" Stage
    Your career will not change. For successful people, money is no longer your goal at this stage. Because at this stage, you may not work, and the money is enough to keep you forever. People often struggle for a real career.

If you successfully cross these five stages, your career can be said to be successful.

IV. It career planning suggestions

  • Set a work goal
    Whether it is short-term or long-term, it is always necessary.
    Ask yourself a question: "What are you going to do ten years later ?"
    One advantage of doing it: there is a clear line for us to go.
  • Make preparations for "food is bitter and bitter, and people are good"
    Sleep for an average of four hours every day for a month.
  • Don't blame others for difficulties
    People often make this mistake, that is, when encountering problems, they often find others' problems first, and then find their own problems. Some of them simply do not find their own problems.
    If you encounter any problems, start by yourself.
  • Try to be as in-depth as possible at the technical level
    The best embodiment is troubleshooting.
  • Casual imitation is not necessarily suitable for you
    For example, Bill Gates. Learn the advantages of others. Do not imitate them.
  • Language Capability
    The language can really help you. If you can describe yourself, describe your abilities, and describe your experience as deeply as possible in your company or even during an interview, describe your experience and so on, so you will be reused by others.
    Language ability, not only the speech ability, but also the English ability. The English document can be understood. Generally, the technology is the English document first-in-first-out. To do it, you must first know when someone else does not.

5. Ten positive attitudes that determine success

Mentality is very important.

Determination -- ambition -- Initiative -- enthusiasm -- love -- learning -- self-confidence -- tenacity -- persistence -- Determination

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