Leetcode 292. Nim Game

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Problem:you is playing the following Nim Game with your friend:there isA heap of stones on the table, each time one of your take turns to remove1To3stones. The one who removes, the last stone would be the winner. You'll take the first turn to remove the stones. Both of you is very clever and has optimal strategies forThe game. Write a function to determine whether you can win the game given the number of stonesinchThe heap. For example,ifThere is4StonesinchThe heap, then you'll never win the game:no matter1,2, or3Stones you remove, the last stone is always being removed by your friend.

This title, known as the wining Strange of the Nim game, is impossible to win if the remaining number is a multiple of 4 in his own office. So it detects if N is a multiple of 4. Background See http://www.cdf.toronto.edu/~ajr/270/probsess/03/strategy.html

class Solution {public:    bool canwinnim (int  n) {        if  40returnfalse;         Else return true ;            }};

Leetcode 292. Nim Game

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