"Leetcode" Generate parentheses (middle) ☆

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Given n pairs of parentheses, write a function to generate all combinations of well-formed parentheses.

For example, given n = 3, a solution set is:

"((()))", "(()())", "(())()", "()(())", "()()()"

Idea: Generate all reasonable pairs of parentheses

I use the backtracking method, traverse all the press into the K ') ' Before the ' (' number of

classSolution { Public: Vector<string> Generateparenthesis (intN) {vector<string>ans; if(n = =0)            returnans; Vector<vector<Char>> S (n);//the number of opening parentheses that have been placed when you put the K right parenthesis        intK =0;  for(inti = k +1; I <= N; i++) {s[k].push_back (i); }        stringX;  while(k >=0)        {             while(!S[k].empty ()) {                intNumofleftp = Getnumofleft (X);//number of left brackets not yet put in                 while(Numofleftp < S[k].back ())//if X "(" less than required, press in "("{x.append ("("); Numofleftp++; }                 while(Numofleftp > S[k].back ())//if X "(" More than needed, the popup                {                    Charback =X.back ();                    X.pop_back (); if(Back = ='(') {numofleftp--; }} x.append (")");//Press into the new ")"                intback =S[k].back ();                S[k].pop_back (); if(K < n-1) {k++; intnum = Max (back, K +1);//the number of open parentheses that you can select must be greater than the current existing less than or equal to n                     for(inti = num; I <= N; i++) {s[k].push_back (i); }                }                Else{ans.push_back (X); }} k--; }        returnans; }    intGetnumofleft (stringX) {intposition=0; intI=0;  while((Position=x.find_first_of ("(", position))! =string:: NPOs) {Position++; I++; }          returni; }};

My thinking is very cumbersome, in the middle to make a variety of judgments, look at the great God.

Create parentheses with a length of 2*n, but not randomly generated

Set Len is the current string length, and V is the current full pair of parentheses logarithm

If Len-v < n can also be put in ' ('

If 2 * v < Len can also be put in ') '

The answer is pressed when the length meets the criteria, and only then the stack length is reduced, and the new value is pressed into the other lengths.

vector<string> GenerateParenthesis2 (intN) {vector<string>ans; Vector<string>Stack; Vector<int>Validationstack; Stack.push_back ("("); Validationstack.push_back (0);  while(Stack.size ()! =0)        {            strings =Stack.back ();            Stack.pop_back (); intv =Validationstack.back ();            Validationstack.pop_back (); if(s.length () = =2*N) {ans.push_back (s); Continue; }            if(S.length ()-V <N) {stack.push_back (S.append ("("));                Validationstack.push_back (v);            S.pop_back (); }            if(2* V <s.length ()) {Stack.push_back (S.append (")")); Validationstack.push_back (v+1);            S.pop_back (); }        }        returnans; }

"Leetcode" Generate parentheses (middle) ☆

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