Lei June: To do Android tablet ecology always somebody planted a tree first.

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A lot of rice noodles have been called on us to do tablet, before this market on the Android tablet also a lot. But why did start the business four years later? Because the tablet is a very difficult product to do.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is not less sarcastic about Android tablets. Last year he said the ipad accounted for 81% of the market share of the tablet, with many Android tablets adding up to 19%. The year before last he even said that all Android tablets were eaten in warehouses or in users ' drawers.

From a hardware point of view, Android tablet is not very difficult to do. All kinds of Android board in the market flying all over the world, some very expensive thousands of yuan, there are many poor performance of the flat is surprisingly cheap. But in the end you will find that domestic and foreign brands at various prices of Android tablet, are not sold well, sold out also few people use.

Where is the problem? or the ecological chain.

Mobile phone is a distinctive basic function of the device, with the telephone, texting these two functions, mobile phones can be sold. Even BlackBerry's system, Microsoft's Windows Phone system, does not use many people, but it does not prevent the phone, texting, can sell.

The tablet is not the same. As a "heavy content consumption" device, it actually does not have some of its own hard demand anchoring core functions, so to speak, all the functions of the tablet depend on the content of the ecological chain, service supply support. A tablet that doesn't have enough apps and games to support it is not much worse than a brick board.

Two years ago, before Google's first generation Nexus 7 was released, I talked to Hugo Barra about the subject. He's still in charge of the product in Google, and I said the Android tablet is hard to do, and it's hard to do without good, full-scale apps and game ecosystem support. Without a good application ecosystem, there are not many users willing to use the Android tablet, and no number of users to use the Android tablet, there are not many developers are willing to develop and adapt to the Android tablet application.

Therefore, the core of making millet tablet is to establish the ecological chain. Only by giving full attention to the establishment of the ecological chain, we have the opportunity to do it well.

To do the ecological chain also need a certain method:

1, must be based on the mature ecological chain.

First we chose the Android system to make a part of the Android application directly available, and then we chose Nvidia's Tegra K1 processor platform, which is very powerful, with the latest architecture consistent with desktop PC-level terminals, making PC games easy to port.

Most importantly, we chose the same screen and resolution as the ipad Mini retina to facilitate porting of ipad apps. The most difficult part of the game is transduction, and every time transduction does the interaction is extremely difficult, but the IPad mini version can be easily adapted. At least in the early stages of the  tablet release, the transplant ecosystem is at the heart of the job.

2, more difficult, is there a determination to drive the Android tablet ecosystem?

This determination is not easy. Generally, the advocates of the ecosystem are usually chip makers and operating system vendors, not device vendors. This is not only the rallying point, but also the profit and loss considerations. Because the efforts of the former two can be rewarded, arm, all the ARM architecture tablet market benefits will not be less it; Intel contributed, and the X86 structure of the tablet market output has its share.

and brand equipment to promote the construction of the ecosystem, pay in one, other competitors can follow the benefits.

This is not difficult to understand, Samsung, Asus have made a tablet, but did not have the strength to promote the plate ecology. Because everyone is not very happy to bury themselves in the first trees, but let yimeimei together cool. After all, it is the most advantageous thing to follow others dipping.

In the decision to make Millet tablet, a colleague asked me, I really want to do that first strong "fool"? I said, forget it, Apple once humiliated the Android tablet market, someone has to stand up first. We also know how hard it will take, and if we succeed, we can offer more convenience to other equipment friends, so that when the screen scale and resolution compatible devices will be able to directly share the results of Android's open application ecosystem.

Our confidence is that over the past few years, we have also had some accumulation of ecological chain construction. With the miui of one of the world's best Android deep customization systems, it already has the most active more than 50 million users on the mobile Internet, and the ecosystem around it brings together some of the best developer groups in the industry. Android tablet is hard to do, but we are willing to give it a try. If this is not done, it means that the Android tablet product is really unreliable, we also recognized.

The mobile Internet industry continues to develop the next step, the weight of content consumption will be more and more, opportunities will be more and more, Android tablet has great potential. Therefore, we hope that the industry's best developers and CP can work with us to give Android tablet a larger application and content support. It's not just about helping the  tablet, but it's going to open up another big market beyond Android smartphones.

Tablet products in the video, reading games and other fields have exceeded the user experience of smartphones, in the face of this new industry opportunity,  is willing to bring a head, to promote the construction of the new industry ecological chain.

The whole industry of lofty ideals, we come together to trees it!

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