Lenovo computer Update BIOS reboot prompts "Secure Flash authentication failed" error

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ThinkPad machine update BIOS prompts "Secure Flash Authentication failed" error how to do, the affected computer is quite a lot, we will give you a summary of the models and solutions.

Reason Analysis:

The problem is that the BIOS ID is prompted when it is low on the logical original BIOS version, so the solution is known, as long as the native BIOS version is above the affected BIOS version to solve the problem, let's take a look here.

1. We restart the ThinkPad machine before we press F1 to enter the ThinkPad machine BIOS setup menu;

2. Select Security----"UEFI BIOS Update option"----"Secure RollBack prevention", set to "Disabled";

3. We can save and exit when we press F10.

4. Re-execute the BIOS refresh program;

5. The BIOS refreshes well we can then change the "Secure RollBack prevention" option in the BIOS to "Enabled" so that this problem does not occur.

Impact Models:

S1 Yoga 12

S3 Yoga 14

Affected BIOS Version:
S1 Yoga (Jeet58ww the following BIOS version)

S3 Yoga (JFET40WW the following BIOS version)
T450 (JBET45WW the following BIOS version)
T450s (JBET45WW the following BIOS version)
E450C (J5ET39WW the following BIOS version)
E550C (J5ET39WW the following BIOS version)

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