Lenovo desktop computer How to restore the factory settings?

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Lenovo desktop computer How to restore the factory settings?

Lenovo Desktop computer

Lenovo desktop Computer Reload System method:

First, the function key introduction:

F1 into BIOS setup

F2 into Lenovo Rescue system

F6 into the disc or the U-disk system (but not a single click to enter, described below)

F12 into Lenovo Reload system

Second, the concrete operation steps:

Under normal circumstances, on the power-on when the association on the keyboard on the special right corner of the LVT key can be a key to restore, not just press F2 will go into the joint-phase rescue system, waiting for a while, will enter the step by step Antivirus/file Management/driver installation/restore factory settings and other steps.

The abnormal situation is not want to restore the vista system, to reload the Windows XP system, or to reload the current WIN7 system is in trouble.

This time is generally press F12 into the reload system selected DVD Insert installation disc can enter the installation of an XP interface, sometimes directly choose Lenovo OEM installation can be successfully installed, when the choice of PE into a simple operating system can also be installed, But sometimes enter the BIOS settings into the Lenovo rescue system into the CD-ROM or USB disk installation system (but not a random press can enter, the following into the PE installation will be in the 2nd step when the final installation of the last close to finish when the installation is not down.

Finally, Lenovo Computer will stop in a Windows startup interface, back to the interface repeatedly and can not go on. At this time there is a very important operation: press and hold the power button do not loosen, until the computer completely shut down and then stop for 5 seconds to completely release the finger, and then press the power button to restart the computer and constantly press F12 into the reload system steps, And in this step when the first choice of DVD must quickly and constantly press F6 to really enter the English installation Interface, (CD-ROM) once into the English installation interface after the prediction of success half, the next is to wait for installation completed.

In general, Lenovo home Yue This computer factory is installed Vista so once the system crashes the easiest to recover should also be the system, once the system is restored to the system under the installation of XP or WIN7.

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