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With a rotating shaft with a 300° corner to connect your flat 11-inch Chromebook, you can instantly have a new device that is more flexible and interesting than the other Chromebook. Although its price is slightly higher, its new features can compensate for this shortcoming. It also has a significant battery range. But the price is about 2100 yuan, compared to other chrombook performance than slightly lower.

Lenovo's upcoming n20p will be a groundbreaking Chromebook. If it can bend the 300° 's hinges and bend it back more than 60°, it will have a chrome-base keyboard.

Aside from its novelty, n20p's diverse new features have overshadowed all the other small Chromebook (usually 11.6-inch screens). Other similar products will be priced below 300 U.S. dollars (about 1843 yuan), compared to n20p 329 U.S. dollars (about 2021 yuan) The price seems a little expensive. But it's a more flexible way of using it for value.

The rotating shaft on the n20p allows the Chromebook to rotate freely within the 300°, and to maintain a fully horizontal

The 300° shaft allows the n20p display to turn backwards to achieve different operating modes. One of these patterns is called "upright" by Lenovo (also called a "tent" model) that can be used to watch a movie or show it. When the screen is flipped, it is interesting that the displayed screen is automatically flipped.

Another selling point on the screen is 10 touch. In Chromebook, only Acer's c270p and extremely expensive googlechromebook pixel have this feature. N20P allows users to easily manipulate the chrome system with their fingers in all modes. When the screen flip is not convenient to use the keyboard, touch any text input box, the screen will be pop-up touch keyboard, so that users can easily enter text information. The user can also set in the settings so that the touchscreen keyboard can be used in all operating modes.

Lenovo N20p Chromebook has a 11.6-inch touch screen that supports 10-point touch

N20P's 11.6-inch LED backlight display is nothing special. The screen resolution is the same as all other 11-inch Chromebook. It is in the brightness and visual aspect performance general, the screen glass reflection may affect the user to use the feeling.

Its performance is not outstanding. The n20p, with 2.16GHz of Intel Celeron processors N2830 and 2GB of ddr3l/1333 memory, runs at 1355.3 on Peacekeeper, performing well.

The figure is one of the two small speakers in the n20p, with a rubber cushion for the machine, which is similar in size

The performance of the n20p two mini speakers under the base is disappointing. When it works in "upright" mode, the speaker is the most effective at the same time to the user to spread the sound, but in this case the speaker is still very small voice. Lack of sound is a common problem in all small notebooks. Surprisingly, while the convenience of viewing the film is one of N20p's selling points, its audio hardware remains as bad as any of the other small notebooks.

N20P has a good battery. Lenovo claims that it has 34.8 hours of standby time and up to 8 hours of usage time. Under our rigorous battery endurance test, n20p can continue to work steadily for 6 hours.

n20p on the left side are DC power connectors, USB 3.0 connectors, MINI-HDMI sockets, and headphone/Microphone jacks

N20P's keyboard is one of the few Chromebook I'd like to use. Many of the small Chromebook I used will have plastic keys and keystroke feedback edgy problems, long time use will make people very uncomfortable. But n20p keyboard keys feel slightly softer, keystrokes can feel a bit buffered.

DC Power Interface, USB 3.0 connector, MINI-HDMI socket, and headphone/microphone jack on the left side of n20p.

N20P has SD card slots and USB 2.0 connectors on the right side

The n20p has a SD/MMC card slot and a USB 2.0 connector on the right side, a power button and a battery led. The n20p display has a 720p webcam and a random 16GB SSD storage space.

I'm not averse to small size Chromebooks, which are cheaper and easier to carry, but they shrink in display performance. Even if n20p does not have 360° rotating shafts to turn it into a chrome-bottomed keyboard, its screen is still larger than the other Chromebook.

 Chromebook Characteristics of associative n20p


300° hinges allow the user to turn the screen to upright mode using

11.6-inch, 10-touch touch screen.

The battery lasts up to 6 hours.


Mediocre performance

For a multimedia-enabled entertainment model, the horn is surprisingly poor.


With a rotating shaft with a 300° rotation to connect your flat 11-inch Chromebook, you can instantly have a new device that is more flexible and interesting than the other Chromebook. Although its price is slightly higher, its new features can compensate for this shortcoming. It also has a significant battery range.

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