Lenovo no line by the management assistant how to use?

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After installing the Lenovo Routing Management Assistant, an icon of the same name will be generated on the desktop, and you can click on the client interface of the Lenovo routing management assistant. After the entry will be found it has built-in intimate installation tutorial (Flash animation form), users just follow the prompts of the animation router, modem connection can quickly build their own wireless network.

After the setup is successful, you can see that the client interface of the Lenovo Routing Management assistant has 3 functional options, namely "Router status", "Password setting" and "Software Settings", which are simple and clear.

Of course, it can also be set through the Web configuration interface, you can also see the route in a more detailed range of functional options, because the same as most of the Web interface setup process, here we do not have more to repeat.

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