Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 How to back up the current system?

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Adaptation Model: ThinkCentre e73/e73s/e79/e63z/e93z and other models
Adaptive Operating system: random pre-installed Windows7 operating system
One-click Restore shortcut keys: F11 (Restore the factory system is the entire hard drive recovery, so before the operation to back up the overall data)

Operation Steps:

One, the system installs rescue and Recovery backup system software

1, enter the system click Start---Procedures, find the Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools options, click this option;

2, in the presence of the Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools option Interface, there is an option "enhanced Backup and restore" option, this option can be rescue and recovery installation, installation process;

3, after the installation of the State, in the beginning of the program, Lenovo ThinkVantage, there will be rescue and recovery options, as shown:

Ii. methods for backing up the current system using rescue and recovery

1, open rescue and recovery after the simple version of the interface, the lower left corner of the advanced version of the option, you can switch to the advanced version, as shown:

2, RNR Advanced version of the interface, management settings options, click the Settings plan and preferences, you can set up the backup system location, and check the need to back up the partition, as shown:

If you do not have a preference set, or if you set up a backup location, you will be prompted not to configure your backup location, as shown in the figure:

Click Yes, you can choose to back up to that partition (this is the user himself in Disk Management in the C disk compression and partition after the volume, so there will be multiple partitions, default only a C disk, so you can add a mobile hard disk backup system)

3, back to the advanced version of the interface, choose to back up the hard drive, will be prompted the information is not power off, this process will wait for a while, so until the backup is complete before you can restart the computer, as shown:

This tip is recommended to create a recovery medium for system recovery through this medium.


First, create recovery media

1, click the Factory recovery disk, check "you want to make the recovery media can only be used for this system", click OK, as shown:

2, check the need to make the recovery media;

3, choose to make the recovery media needs of the equipment, is to select a burning optical drive, follow the prompts to operate, as shown:

Note: One key recovery button for this type of model is F11, so restore the factory system to restore the entire hard drive, so back up the entire hard drive data before restoring.

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