Lenovo Yoga Book flat-panel hands-on evaluation

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Lenovo Yoga Book at this year's IFA show, when we see its first glance, it felt its unusual personality.

Product parameter:

We got the Yoga book Android (also available in Windows), configuration, the product is equipped with the Intel Atom x5-z8500 processor, 4GB memory, 64GB storage capacity, with a resolution of 1920x 1200 of the 10.1-inch screen and a 2 million-pixel front camera and a 8 million-pixel main camera, the overall battery capacity of 8500mAh. Computer Tutorials

Simple Open box:

The appearance first starts with the opening of the box, box with a hard paper clamshell gift design, orange and white shape is also quite recent Lenovo style, packaging in addition to yoga book, but also with a charging plug, Micro USB cable, Wacom Stylus, replace the core, with magnetic suction design of the paper pad and spare supplementary paper, Another card needle, instructions, warranty cards, screen cloth are also equipped, so that we did not think of a 80 percent discount card, which is all accessories, complete and intimate.

Overall appearance of the product:

The overall appearance of the product is similar to that of the Yoga 5 Pro, but the whole is more lightweight because of the design of an aura keyboard. Of course, the 360-degree bracelet still exists, which gives the product more posture, we can use it like a normal notebook, you can turn it over to stand up to watch the play, or even completely fold the screen as a normal flat or writing pad.

Camera Details:

On the screen is a 2 million-pixel front-facing camera, for self-portraits and video calls, the keyboard area is a 8 million-pixel main camera, can be used for simple shooting and recording, probably because of this similar to the chrome system, the camera design is not as rich as we think.

Key, interface details:

The product's interface/key is centered on the keyboard side, it has power button, volume adjustment button, 3.5mm headphone interface, Micro USB interface, TF card slot, Mini HDMI interface, and symmetrical loudspeaker with left and right edges, if you take it as a tool product, such interface is actually just good.

Flash Keyboard:

The keyboard is also one of the main features of the product, through the long press the top stylus flag (or the bottom right corner of the stylus button) for keyboard mode and handwriting mode of free switch, keyboard mode, key design is complete, it is said that this keyboard can be based on user's use habits, automatically reduce the input error rate, and vibration feedback can give us a bit of feedback so that we don't feel like knocking on the glass when we type, and most interestingly, a touchpad area is designed with 5 dots below.

Summary of Appearance:

The product left us with the most profound impression is simple, thin and black technology, especially in terms of thickness, this should be the lightest we have seen, the thin two-in-one product, even after folding and 6S than the slightest thickness, and chain-style design so that the product can be compatible with a lot of use of the scene, The most black technology place or the keyboard side of the design, the black surface plus white backlight with a slight vibration appears to be full of the future, we will later show this side of the magic function of handwriting.

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