Lenovo Yoga Pro 13 uses hyper-V blue screen error Page_fault_in_nonpaged-area workaround

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Why the problem occurred:

Recently ready to learn about Android development, machine upgrade WINDOWS10 ready to use self-hyper-V to do virtual machines.

VMware has been used before, but the emulator developed by WP in Microsoft's VS2015 uses Hyper-V by default, and VMware

Also incompatible with Hyper-V. There is no way to try to install Ubuntu in Hyper-V.

On the Internet to find some installation of the tutorial, it is easy to install. For example, I refer to the following tutorial

Installing Ubuntu 15.04 on Hyper-V

The phenomenon of the problem:

After the installation is complete, a virtual switch of the external type is created with basic normal.

The problem comes, each boot 10 minutes after 2 hours, the basic is random will be blue screen panic, the following error occurred:

Page_fault_in_nonpaged-area, restart after collecting information

The appeal phenomenon is recurring, basically unable to use normally.

The process of solving the problem:

This kind of problem should be a hardware driver or compatibility problem, find some solutions on the Internet, but there is no egg use.

Because there is no direct use of the hardware device in the virtual machine, consider the possibility that the virtual switch is a significant suspect, then delete the virtual switch.

Tested for a week without any more problems.

The problem comes if no web Android development and testing is almost impossible.

Accidentally found that the virtual switch for WP simulator exists but did not cause the blue screen of the crash, originally this guy is the internal network type.

Then change it to an external network, and the problem recurs.

At this point it is essential to conclude that using an external type of virtual switch causes the Lenovo Yoga Pro 13 to occur when Hpyer-v is turned on and the blue screen freezes frequently.

Knowing the cause of the problem is good.

Final Solution:

1. Use internal types of network switches in virtual machines

2. Share the network connection of the host and foreign network, let the virtual network switch in the virtual machine share the external network, and realize the curve access to the extranet.

If you are also Lenovo Yoga3 Pro 13-inch screen notebook, upgrade Windows 10 after you install the virtual machine using hpyer-v appears

Page_fault_in_nonpaged-area error, may try to modify the type of Virtual switch, see!


Lenovo Yoga Pro 13 uses hyper-V blue screen error Page_fault_in_nonpaged-area workaround

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