Let me also talk about installing a new system.

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Let me also talk about how to install the system-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information for a newbie. The following is a detailed description. Many people say that linux installation is difficult.
I don't think so
Unless it's a laptop or a very old or new system
I think the first problem to solve when a newbie installs a linux system is the partition problem.
You just need to clarify the partition issue.
None of the above
In addition, I want to read other people's posts.
If you have a basic understanding, install it again.
Don't rush to install it as soon as you know it.
We recommend that you first use a virtual machine to install
Familiarize yourself with the installation process
In fact, LINUX is doing a good job now.
Installation is simple.
It feels no different from WINDOWS.
For the first time, I installed it on my own machine (my machine is too bad to carry a virtual machine)
All went well
Up to now, I have installed four computers for my friends (including a meat deduction notebook)
No problem
I am also a newbie
This is how I feel about installing linux.
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