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Peanut shells are officially not supported by binding your top-level domain.
If you need to bind the top-level domain name, you may need to oray the registration, or, to change DNS to Oray, still need to charge.

But, I teach you a trick, can let peanut shell bind your top-level domain free.
Yes, you apply for a free domain name in Oray, for example. aaa.vicp.cc.
And then, you're in your domain, like www.xxx.com management,
The domain name of the CNAME (not IP, is the domain name) point to aaa.vicp.cc,
Then, install the peanut shell on the server or on the local computer.

In this way, you can point the www.xxx.com to your computer, so that the peanut shell also supports top-level domain binding, and change the IP also dynamic analysis Oh.
In fact, the truth is very simple, is the domain name resolution, with the CNAME rather than IP. Because the IP may be changed, and CNAME is invariant, although its point of IP may be changed, but this is what we need.


Here take the new network domain name as an example

Enter your domain name Management center and find an alias (CNAME), as shown in the figure

After filling, wait a moment, enter your top-level domain to see the effect of it

If you use the Universal Domain name Management system, the alias hostname is filled in slightly different ways, you need to add a "." to the host address.
The host name in the million net should be filled with "baidu.oicp.net.", otherwise the host name will be added after your domain name suffix causes parsing failure

If you have multiple sites, use different domain names to access what to do.

Very simply, all the domain names point to the same alias host, and then in IIS set each site's main header value for their respective domain name on it

[size=2] This method is suitable to have the top-level domain name and wants to use own personal broadband (IP constant change) + personal computer to act as the server. It is also suitable to build a server for others to share the use of.
1. In general, because of the constant changes in IP, so it is not appropriate to bind the top-level domain name, because every time you IP changes need to rebind the domain name, and bound domain name in this case is generally set a record, and a record in DNS to enter into effect the fastest also need a few hours, so you replace the IP, Access through top-level domain names will not be able to access your server for several hours, and the inability to access these hours can result in a massive loss of your customers.
2. Use the peanut shell to build a local station, unfortunately, peanut shells only provide a free two-level domain binding dynamic IP function, want to use his top-level domain binding IP function is not no, but they need to buy a domain name and also pay a certain domain name binding dynamic IP service fee. It's unacceptable to us.
So is there any way we can use the top-level domain binding dynamic IP function for free? There must be some, or I'm here to do so much nonsense ~ method is as follows
1. Download peanut shell, (or not peanut shell can also, if you are more fixed IP) and apply for a peanut shell passport, and then landed peanut shell client, on the above casually apply for a free vicp.net or xicp.net form of class two domain name, such as I applied for bnnb.xicp.net, Then let you confirm is not bound to the peanut shell client, OK, the application after the successful restart your computer on the Peanut shell client, so you just applied for the two domain name tied to your computer now IP
2. The key step, this step is the top-level domain can not bind the key to dynamic IP, access to your top-level domain DNS control Panel, and then set the domain name resolution for CNAME, and then put your domain name [/size][url=http://www.nkcn.net/][u][ size=2][color= #0000ff]www.nkcn.net[/color][/size][/u][/url][size=2] Use CNAME to point to the peanut shell level two domain name that you just applied for, Put all two domain names you want to use CNAME point to this level two domain name

[/size] [Align=center] [size=2] [Img]http://www.x6x8.com/it/uploadfiles_3915/200701/20070104125913746.jpg[/img][/size][/align]

[size=2] 3.OK Domain name setup is complete. So as long as you change the IP every time you restart the peanut shell, let the peanut shell domain name tied to the new IP (peanut shell two domain name replacement IP is immediately updated, you can immediately use), your top-level domain will be immediately corresponding changes.

[size=2] (In addition, if you are really a server, want to provide servers, you can use your top-level domain to bind your current server's IP (through a record way), and then let your users cname the domain name you want to bind to your top-level domain name, (this step is actually the use of the peanut shell two domain name of the principle of pirated) , so that they will not because you change the IP to affect access, so that you can change the IP server at the time of attack without notice to your customers, you only have to change the domain name you use to let users cname point to the IP can be

[/size] [Align=center] [size=2] [Img]http://www.x6x8.com/it/uploadfiles_3915/200701/20070104125922547.jpg[/img][/size][/align]

Above all is the domain name aspect of Dongdong, here casually says the local server erection:
Since localization is not too difficult, we are not a professional server.
Here recommend a fool of the local server erection software Apmserv
Using Apmserv to build a universal server

Apmserv 5.1.2 is a fast automatic build Apache 2.0.55, PHP 5.1.2, MySQL 4.0.26/5.1.5a, SQLite, phpMyAdmin, Zendoptimizer, OpenSSL, and ASP, asp.net, Perl, CGI web platform green software, without installation, flexible mobility, copy it to other directories, partitions or other computers, All you need to do is click on the Startup button in APMServ.exe to automatically set up the Apache2 and MySQL installation as system services and start. Apmserv brings together the advantages of Apache stability and security, and has a convenient graphical management interface with IIS, virtual host, virtual directory, port changes, mysql4.0/5.1 Two version of the switch, SMTP, upload size, performance optimization settings, just a little mouse can be completed.

Download location: Huajun Software Park [url=http://www.onlinedown.net/soft/41626.htm][color= #0000ff][u]http://www.onlinedown.net/soft/ 41626.htm[/u][/color][/url]
The default Apmserv can only access the Web page in the Apmserv5.1.2/apmserv5.1.2/www/htdocs folder by IP access (the domain name that is bound to the IP), if we want our own set up server to be like a commercial server on the Web, Can bind multiple domain names, multiple domain names do not affect each other to access different folders, how to do? It's really simple. Apmserv has provided this feature, which is the virtual host settings:

[Align=center] [Img]http://www.x6x8.com/it/uploadfiles_3915/200701/20070104125923974.jpg[/img][/align]
In the virtual host settings, respectively, your domain name and the domain name corresponding to which folder to fill in, so that after the domain access can only access to the folder within the page

[Align=center] [Img]http://www.x6x8.com/it/uploadfiles_3915/200701/20070104125928821.jpg[/img][/align]

This time if you add the use of Serv-u (server FTP upload software) that your personal computer is really become a server, you in the field when you want to upload Web data to your personal server just open the FLASHFXP and then connect your IP address, enter the account password can be transmitted, tutorial on how to set up a lot of things to say
This way your server began to operate, oh, if you can not use up their own computer space, available to friends to use. How do your friends bind domain names to your servers? Very simple, just want to let your friend the domain name CNAME point to your top-level domain name can (point to peanut shell of level two domain name can also, But still use the top-level domain to make people feel professional point ^_^ a lot of scam server business is using this method to make you think his personal computer is a server.

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