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As Windows 7 uses more time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a very awkward problem, with the taskbar space getting smaller. Because accustomed to the Windows 7 taskbar lock icon function, inadvertently put a variety of program icons into the taskbar up. Although we can use the taskbar small icon to alleviate the space problem, but the actual effect is not ideal, can save only about 20% of the space. Change the monitor to improve the resolution? But this will require additional costs, which is clearly not appropriate. So there is no other effective way to increase the taskbar space?

Not also, after unremitting efforts, finally found on the internet has a Win7 taskbar enhancement tool, can double increase the taskbar free space without changing current hardware and settings. The software, called bins, is still in the open beta phase, and it can group multiple icons on the taskbar, releasing more space, as shown below.

This software is very simple, after downloading to run the installation, completed will automatically run, will be in the taskbar will pop up a use hint, click "Next" will be able to see how to use its animation demo, not to use.

As long as you have seen the software with the Operation demo, you will find that the use of bins is very simple, drag an icon to another icon, it will pop up an extra small window, and then move it up to complete.

At this point, the program icon shrinks to tile, displaying up to 4 icons on the taskbar (displaying the top 4 in left-to-right order, changing the display icon by swapping the location), but the number of icons per grouping is unaffected. The icons that run after grouping are displayed in the preceding paragraph, and all the program windows are merged together when they are previewed.

To detach the icon from the group is also by dragging, drag the target to the taskbar blank position to release the mouse.

With such a small software, immediately let your taskbar free space to increase significantly, even if each group only four icons, can reduce the number of icons to the original One-fourth, and free space we can continue to put more icons (if you have so much to put it).

In addition to the basic grouping function, bins also some more interesting things, the following briefly describes some

1, first of all, each group will have a "leader", such as the browser group above, is the other icon dragged to the IE icon on the formation of the group, then IE is the team leader, click the entire group can directly run the "Team Leader" program.

Second, the team leader itself can not be separated from the group, the crew is free to move. But we can change the team leader to achieve the purpose of separating IE, on the other icons on the right to choose "Make primary icon of Bin" to replace the team leader.

It is important to note that this operation is essentially a combination of dissolving the entire group and then again using another icon as the benchmark, during which there will be a hint box that asks us to confirm and then see the reorganization of these icons.

2, the software will reside in the system Tray notification area, double-click its icon to make some settings, including these three will be more useful to us.

Same group program/window loop switch

Check the above item to allow us to cycle through these Windows/tabs by clicking on the group icon when the group icon has multiple programs (or when a single browser opens 2 and more tabs).

Deactivate bins and restore the taskbar as is

You need to first click on the "Extras" button above the main interface, the largest button below, click it to turn off the Bins grouping feature and restore all icons to the taskbar. At the same time the button text will become "Undo", click again and can restore the previous grouping mode.

To lock a file/folder to the taskbar

Also under extras, there is a "Enable pinning fils/folders onto the taskbar" option, which allows you to lock files or folders into the taskbar. So we can put some common folders on the taskbar, and then by grouping together to facilitate our use.

Well, isn't the software great? If you start to worry about more and more icons on the taskbar, try this thing.

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