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The speed of the Thunder download is obvious to all, but there are still some sites use such as flashget://or qqdl://, and even some of the JavaScript script, so to download these resources, must install their clients, to bring great inconvenience. In fact, there has been a good Samaritan launched the Thunderbolt 5 dedicated chain general patches, can solve the problem for us, let us really enjoy the high-speed download!

First, download software

Open the dog website of thunder, enter the "Thunderbolt 5 dedicated chain General patch" (without quotes) after the search download, you can also download the "Thunderbolt 5 special-purpose chain general patch. rar" file, double-click it to see that there are LinkSimulate.dll and registration components. BAT two files (Figure 1), Unzip them to the C:Program Filesthunder networkthundercomdlls folder (Figure 2), and if your thunder is installed under its installation folder, make the unzipped folder changes accordingly.

Figure 1 Extracting files

Figure 2 has been decompressed

Second, register dynamic link library

Open the C:Program filesthunder networkthundercomdlls folder and double-click the registration component. BAT, which prompts success (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Dynamic Link Library has been registered successfully

Third, set the Thunderbolt as the default download device

In the Thunderbolt select "Tools" → "browser support" → "thunderbolt as the default IE download Tool" command, set it to the default download tool. If you use Maxthon, select tools → browser support → add maxthon support. If not found has been installed proud tour, then pop-up window let us choose Maxthon installation files, selected can then start Maxthon, will appear corresponding window prompts plug-in installation success. Next, start Maxthon to see the plug-in window as shown in Figure 4, by default, select the two plug-ins (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Let Thunderbolt become maxthon default Download tool

Four, enjoy the high-speed download

Click the link directly to see the window shown in Figure 5, which has been taken over. Very simple, it belongs to seamless integration. So we just install a thunderbolt can solve the high-speed download problem.

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