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In the past, after the slide presentation ended, it was customary to end the playback with a "Thank you" screen. But in recent years this practice is no longer popular, people are more inclined to return to the cover page after the playback, to show the topic and speakers and other information. In particular, some of the fixed location of the demo, but also want to be able to cycle playback, rather than play after the completion of the playback state, and then from the first to replay.

In fact, to achieve this effect is not difficult, only need a small hyperlink can be completed. Let's go through the WPS demo to practice it.

One, positioning slides

In the WPS demo, navigate to the last slide and draw a rectangle with the same size as the page. Double-click to set fill color to no fill in the Format Object panel that pops up, line color to wireless bar color (Figure 1), and then click OK so that This rectangle is not displayed.

  Positioning slides

Second, insert a hyperlink

When you return to the page, the rectangle should still be selected, if you accidentally make this rectangle unchecked, it doesn't matter, click Object Layer in the task pane Drop-down menu to see all of the objects on that slide, which is "Rectangle 2010" (the name is randomly generated, or it may be called "Rectangle 2004" or similar name) is the rectangle we just inserted, with the mouse click, you can select the rectangle. Select Hyperlink from the Insert menu, select position in this document → first slide (figure 2) in the Insert Hyperlink Setup Panel, and then click OK to click the button.

  Insert a hyperlink

Third, the slide cycle effect

In this way, we successfully linked the last slide to the first, when put to the last one, with a mouse gently, it went back to the first, infinite cycle, is so simple.

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