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It must be admitted that, as of now, Photoshop is still the designer's preferred design tool, especially for graphic design, web designers, and UI designers. The function of Photoshop has been perfected continuously, relatively comprehensive function coverage, so that designers in different areas can be handy to use it, platform and modular design so that Third-party developers can provide a large number of plug-ins, a reasonable plug-in collocation allows users to use the time to carry out two speed. Today's article, we have selected a group of free Photoshop Plug-ins, these plug-ins can make web designers in the use of the process, more efficient and more handy.

It's important to note that these plugins typically require your Photoshop to upgrade to the latest CC 2015 and, if there is a specific requirement, there is usually a separate description.

HTML Block

Code and Photoshop are not perfect to match? If you use this HTML block, the barriers will be eliminated. The plug-in uses the WebKit engine to render the html/css and place it in Photoshop as a special block. With it, you can control the various attributes of a font as you do in a browser when you design a visual manuscript.


If you need to design with Photoshop, but are more accustomed to adjusting and controlling in the browser, then you need to try page Layers. This app can transform different layers and elements of a Web page into separate layers, and if you plan to redesign and upgrade based on existing Web pages, this tool is also useful.


Bjango is an open source Photoshop action and script collection that solves many common Photoshop operations. In addition, it is easy to resize a document or to map or locate a particular element.


Ditto is a plug-in that helps you control an element's variables, such as color, text, font size, row height, coordinates position, or even transparency. It's not necessarily the fastest and most sophisticated tool, but it ensures that these variables are highly controllable and always kept up to date.


If you have a lot of layers to rename, but don't want one to be manually modified, then you need to try Renamy. When you operate, you just have to select multiple layers to rename, one click can be done. This plug-in demo and full version of the two version, the demo version has a certain limit, the full version of course there is no limit. But the former is also very practical, may wish to try.


Duplllicator is a professional plug-in that focuses on layer and layer group replication. Unlike a simple copy, you need to select the number of copies to be copied and the level or vertical spacing of the layers to be duplicated, which can be done quickly and very useful.


Size Marks is also a useful script that can help you mark the size of a rectangular marquee. This plugin is required for PS version, at least CC2014 and above.


This plugin is at the bottom of the line, but it is also a practical tool. As one of the oldest Photoshop tools, the magic wand is definitely one of the most used tools, and the Magic Wand Tricks is a full upgrade of the magic Wand tool, which is not only easier to select, adjust, and work with other related tools, it can even be used to calculate the number of selected pixels!

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