Let's talk about the story-the story of two donkeys.

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There are two stories I keep remembering: one is about the donkey and the other is about the donkey.
The story of the first donkey: There was a donkey who was born to grind for the master, and one day it never moved. The master is really unwilling to slaughter it, and put it back in the forest. This donkey's daily life is the same: eat a little grass when hungry, and then the only thing is to circle around a tree. This is a habit force. It doesn't mean that you are faced with sudden storms. Instead, it changes your life at. You don't even realize this change, or it's hard for you to change your life ......
You have determined that there is nothing in your hit. You think that you will definitely not surpass one person. It takes a long time, and you really cannot do it for a long time. You are dead in your own hands.
Story of the second Donkey: it accidentally fell into a dry well after an earthquake, very deep! The rock and dirt kept falling down and began to think that they were dead. But soon it changed its attention. It kept flattening the fallen soil and never stopped. Slowly, the soil under its feet grew higher and higher until it jumped out. This is the power of fear.
There are two types of human motivation: excitement and fear. The power of fear is more obvious, but there is a process of converting fear into no power, and many people will not succeed ...... In other words, I am still dead in my own hands. How can the conversion be successful?
1. Positive Attitude 2. Absolute self-confidence 3. Perseverance 4. Action

This is the story of two donkeys. I always think about it. What kind of donkey are you willing to do?

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