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The level of DBA is not very strict. According to the database mastery, I simply divided into three levels: primary primary, Intermediate intermediate and advanced senior.

The Junior DBA, also known as Dbbs, is the abbreviation for the English database Baby sitter. Junior DBAs are often part-time, and they are often programmers or other jobs. Junior DBAs tend to write personal resumes well and participate in a lot of database-related projects or work. However, these projects or jobs are often: Third party software vendors have installed and configured databases, and they do only some monitoring work. They can deal with simple problems, but most of the time they ask the application vendor for help. Junior DBAs prefer graphical database management or monitoring tools, and they like access to a desktop database that is easy to use and simply apply the experience of these small databases to large database-related work.

The primary DBA is the best distinction. Intermediate DBAs and senior DBAs are not very well differentiated. Their differences lie in differences in experience and personality traits and abilities. There are a number of intermediate DBAs who can do most of the work of a senior DBA, including: Database installation, database configuration and management, permissions setting and security management, monitoring and performance tuning, backup and recovery, troubleshooting general issues

Intermediate DBAs tend to practice a year or so, familiar with a database in an operating system environment. Because Windows NT and UNIX are very different for intermediate DBAs. Intermediate DBAs are familiar with SQL, and they have purchased several books on the database and delve into them. Intermediate DBAs tend to be database programmers at the same time, their work on performance, stability, security is basically not very high, often with the senior DBA to do some routine work.

Senior DBAs are very small in the country. They bought too much data on the database in English, perhaps from a friend from Amazon. The money to buy books is a very small proportion of their remuneration. Advanced DBAs are generally familiar with several large databases under many operating platforms. They know the strengths and weaknesses of different databases in different environments, and can make decisions on the choice of database platforms and database environments. They are generally familiar with system architecture and database design, and can optimize the database at various levels. Senior DBAs are usually equipped with assistants who are more inclined to make decisions and plans. Senior DBAs are often in the key business areas of banking, insurance, online trading, and so on that have high stability, security, and performance requirements.

In many cases, it is not important to obtain a database expert certification certificate. I know a lot of database vendor training as long as you go will get the certificate. There are a lot of companies that offer commercial training and their quality of service is also good and poor. So the certificate is not particularly meaningful.

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