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CSS? Isn' t that a multiplayer game?
Level 0th: CSS? Isn't it a multiplayer shooting game?

Some people go to the # CSS website for information about the game Cs: S (Counter Strike: source. Don't worry about these people. They can't make too many webpages, so they won't do much harm to the Internet.

Yeah, I use it to remove underlines on links sometimes
Level 1st: Yes, I occasionally use it to remove the bottom line of the link.

Different from 0th people, these people have learned HTML and made several simple websites. CSS is used only when HTML cannot be used to produce certain effects, such as removing the bottom line of a link or setting the Row Height. These websites are usually small and have no visitors, so they will not cause too much harm to the Internet.

No, I don't like divs; tables are much easier to work
Level 2nd: No. I don't like DIV elements. Tables are much easier to use.

They have heard of the use of DIV elements to design webpages and have spent some time learning CSS. However, they quickly gave up and thought CSS was too difficult and had poor support, but they would rather use table layout.
Note! They are dangerous people! They have been in this field for a while, and many of them are website department directors. It is very important to contact them. People who advocate network standards should enlighten them more. This makes little sense to the network.

Yes I 've heard it's good, but I can't use it because...
Level 3rd: Yes, I heard it is quite good, but I didn't use it because ......

Although they know the advantages of CSS, they are always unable to use it for some reason. For example, they may have 2nd-level superiors, or they must take into account users of Netscape 4.
Although the old browser does not support CSS, you can still see the complete content. Based on the advantages of accessibility and usability, CSS can bring more visitors to the website. Tell developers of level 1 about these advantages. Even if they are not decision makers, they may be able to exert some influence on their superiors of level 2.

CSS? Oh! Yes, I use divs for all my layouts
Level 4th: CSS? Oh! That's right. I use DIV elements for layout.

Using too many DIV elements on the page is a problem for this group of people. They will use the # toprightredline or # r5_c7 (representing column 5th of column 7th) method to set the ID of the DIV element. Even if you can pass the XHTML 1.1 verification, This typographical method cannot take advantage of CSS. Screen readers (a browser used by the visually impaired) is difficult to interpret these web pages. The old browser may have the same problem, and the content of the Web page cannot be completely displayed. Poor class and ID naming methods also cause great inconvenience to layout modification.
Although the websites made by hundreds of thousands of people are still very bad, they are less harmful to the Internet because they are easy to accept new ideas. Many WYSIWYG editors make primitive code that is full of DIV elements, which may mislead this group of people. Fortunately, these editors have been gradually improved, and we hope this will help 4th people continue to improve.

I use CSS for design, it's better than tables because...
Level 2: I use CSS for design, which is much better than the table, because ......

Level 1 people know the advantages of CSS and are willing to use it. Although they sometimes encounter some problems, they are not serious. They can also use their long-term CSS work experience to argue with people about how to separate the structure and design of webpages. I guess most of the readers of this article are CSS developers at this level. But this is not the best ......

What version of CSS? Yes, I do. Did you read my book about...
Level 6th: Which version of CSS? Yes, I know. You have read my books ......

6th people are committed to improving CSS and have written many great articles to introduce its new usage. Some of them have read all W3C instructions on CSS and know which features are supported by browsers. They are examples of CSS beginners and use their influence to make the network more progressive. Many of them form the web standards project. If you find any errors on their website, you must have a reason. After asking them, you will be able to get a satisfactory answer.  

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