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After several years of development, I have experienced some ups and downs. In this process, I am constantly adjusting myself, hoping to move forward according to the specified goal, it does not offset the direction because of various external resistance. At the same time, I also experienced a lot of confusion and confusion, and even doubted what the result of such a life would be, but I finally adjusted it myself and continued to struggle. If you do well today, tomorrow will be available. I would like to share some experiences and insights here, hoping to help later xdjm.

1. It is very important to grow with someone.

One's ability and effort are very important, but to succeed faster and avoid detours, you must learn to use the power of the outside world or others. Even if you have enough books and tutorials and enough time, you may not be able to cultivate your talents. It requires environment, practice, and communication and mutual learning between teams. It may take many years for a person to learn everything. In the end, it may not be correct. The so-called celebrity advice and expert guidance are not without reason, because the lessons learned by the predecessors have been exchanged with time and energy for years, and you only need to instantly get this truth, virtually reduces the cost of growth.
If you want to make progress, someone will bring it. This is a reality. Confucius said, three people, there must be my teacher.
The exchange of ideas will make you know more. Some people will make you grow faster!

2. Guangjie foyuan

Narrow knowledge leads to narrow thinking and simple thinking. There are few ways to solve problems when doing things. For a technical problem, if there are too many projects and a large number of types, you will know the best way to solve the problem and the most effective way. In a broad sense, in society, you are exposed to a wide range of social networks and rich Networking Resources. There will be more ways to do things and a high chance of success, this is an ordinary principle. Therefore, we can remind some xdjm colleagues that they should not just write down your head at ordinary times.Code, More exposure to new knowledge or technologies, new things will provide ideas or inspiration for your design system. Learn more about society, communicate with others, cultivate more contacts, and give yourself more opportunities. You will think the world is wonderful.

3. Target Decision Process

First, recognize the "correct results" and design your process based on the correct results. What kind of goal you choose will lead to a kind of life. When a person has a clear goal, he or she will be particularly sensitive to the clues that help to achieve the goal, so doing things will be purposeful rather than confused. Therefore, it is easy to achieve your own goals. If there is no target, even if there is a God in the sky, if you cannot clearly describe what you want, the gods do not know what to give you.

4. Technology and Management

After so many years of technology, we sometimes find that some so-called technologies are just the use of some controls or class libraries (not all of them, of course ), sometimes the work we do is not really "creation", but at best a "Manufacturing ". It is also often seen in the forum whether the debate is technical or management important, which reflects the confusion of some friends who have been doing this for many years.ProgramMembers will want to develop upwards. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the technology. It does not mean that there is no other potential or advantage. Moreover, 35 is a hurdle in China. From the perspective of a person's career planning and social value, people should strive to create greater value for society. The value created by a piece of code is far from the value created by a business process or product design. For example, no one is important or not important to the construction workers and designers of the design building. It is a question of values in life. But the premise is that not all workers can grow into designers. They must be determined based on their actual situation and career aspirations.
Therefore, for some friends who have potential and aspirations for development in this area, and want to reflect greater value and advantages, they can plan, set goals, and act immediately as soon as possible, I hope to explore my potential in all aspects. I personally hope to make some progress in project management or system management, but I do not want to give up writing code for the moment, because the creation comes from life, and it becomes empty when I leave my life creation, people who have never written code manage projects or design systems.

5. Do not reject the burden of work

How much is the burden, how much is the value. Chairman Mao and his elders said: How bold people are and how productive they are. Only those who dare to shoulder the burden can shoulder the heavy responsibilities. In addition, more experience will train you to grow rapidly, and a wealth of life experience will be a great fortune.
Come on, make more work more intense!

6. Do everything right now, and the accumulation of data volume will bring a qualitative leap.

Don't say it all day, you don't know the direction, you don't know what to do in the future, you want to do things in the future, and you don't know what to do now. I am confused, tired, and unremitting in my work. I suggest that you do not underestimate any small matter around you. Do it as seriously as possible and try to make it perfect. If you have any questions or do not understand them, just do it carefully. Now every small success or achievement will gradually accumulate great success or achievement. Success!

In fact, the above principle is to look at life from the perspective of a program, but it is not only limited to programmers, but also useful in life. I hope I can give some inspiration to my friends who have just entered the society or have joined the work and are confused! If not, please give me more advice! At the same time, I also hope that you can share your insights and growth on the road of life. I also hope that the predecessors who have made achievements will give you some advice and help everyone make a good life.

(Author: Li Tianping Reprinted, please note)


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