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Among the many new features in the Win7 system, the library function is considered by many people as one of the biggest bright spots of Windows7, it completely changes our file management mode, and becomes more flexible and convenient from the rigid folder mode. In a traditional Windows operating system, files and folders are organized and managed according to the tree structure, and when used, we save them in different directories according to the contents or categories of the files, and then nest them into a tree structure. But as the number of files saved on your computer increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the files you need. For example, when you are preparing a proposal, the Word document is saved in the document-related directory. At the same time, you will save the various illustrations in the document in the picture-related directory, in which case, when you want to see the changes in the document of a picture, you need to jump between the document directory and the picture directory to switch between, quite time-consuming.

The Win7 library function allows users to access files in different folders in the same location, Win7 includes video, pictures, documents, music four libraries, library function as a user access to the file, the contents of the specified folder collection, for unified management and use.

Not only can we use the default four libraries of the Win7 system, but we can also create new libraries based on our own needs. The method is simple, similar to the new folder operation, first, click the Library icon in the taskbar, open the library, right-click the "new" library in the library, and immediately create a new library and enter a name, such as "Download," So I have a new library for all the downloaded files.

The library features in the WINDOWS7 system have a typical day-to-day application, such as we do not have to store all the pictures on the same disk partition or even on the same hard drive, we can add other computers, LAN folders to the Windows7 library. So, when you need to browse the picture, just double-click to open the picture library, and you can easily browse through the images that are actually distributed in various places.

In addition, after entering the Win7 library, click on the search box in the upper right corner, which will display the search filter, the document library has the author, modified date, mark, type, name of several general election items. Date has month, day, grading, marking several options, can also be vaguely selected "earlier this year, last week" and so on. For example, if you want to find a file with the incident, simply select the author search filter, there will be a long array of tables, directly enter the name of a colleague to search, combined with the preview pane can also see whether the document content is the file you want, if you want to find the day of the file, as long as the selection date can quickly find the desired file.

In short, with the library function, find files more convenient and faster, Windows7 efficient for us to save every second. Genuine Win7 Besides good-looking, its powerful function is also very helpful to the daily work of learning and life, it is no wonder that colleagues around the same and themselves have been quietly unconsciously almost all in the use of Win7 computer, it is understood that most of them are choosing the most affordable upgrade method, direct purchase Win7 pre-installed computer, Some business computers even use the Win7 pre-installed advanced version, do not have to spend money on the use of genuine software, have to say really high ah!

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