Life Calendar has a new function, health assistants to protect health

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"Office clan" often sit for a few or even more than 10 hours, which makes them often in a state of fatigue. This time we need to have a proper rest, sometimes want to rest, just a busy to forget, small make up Find life calendar unexpectedly inverse days of the launch of the function, everyone first open the Life calendar client, click the Application button, will find a timer next to a Health assistant icon.

Figure 1

What kind of small function does this health aide really have? Small knitting This brings everyone together to find out.

Small knitting first opened the health assistant, found that it is possible to set a regular rest and health to drink a reminder.

Figure 2

Small series Choose Set 3 hours to rest a minute, so to the time of life calendar there is a small window reminder that I need to rest for a minute. Then it will extinguish the screen for a minute to let small series rest, in the quenching process if there are important things to deal with, or you can click the lower right corner exit button exit. But what's more important than health?

Figure 3

We'll take a look at regular water when we're done. Is not a sentence of advertising is said that, the human body is 70 of water, water quality determines the quality of the body. This shows that the right amount of water is still vital. If you don't know how much water you need to drink, it doesn't matter, the life calendar will help you estimate it. Then, according to the time you set, remind you to drink water regularly.

Figure 4

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