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In Liferay Enterprise, the use and control of license is very exquisite, because the lincense determines the use of products and the use of the term, we are now to in-depth analysis of the license.

Deployment of License:

First of all, back to listener, see Blog said, in the Liferay mainservlet startup process, when dealing with the global startup event , it will register all the Antodeploylistener, of which Licenseautodeploylistener is also ranked:\,\

So, when we first put the license file in the $liferay_home/deploy directory, it triggers the licenseautodeploylistener to respond, and it implements the Autodeploylistener interface, So putting the license file into the Deploy directory triggers its Deploy method:

public void Deploy (File paramfile, String paramstring) 
   if (a.isdebugenabled ()) 
     A.debug ("invoking deploy For "+ Paramfile.getpath ()); 
   String str1 = fileutil.getextension (Paramfile.getname ()); 
   if (!str1.equals ("xml")) return 
     String str2 = (paramfile); 
     Document localdocument = (str2); 
     Element localelement = Localdocument.getrootelement (); 
     String STR3 = Localelement.getname (); 
     if (!str3.equals ("license")) return 
   catch (Exception localexception) 
   if (a.isinfoenabled ()) ("Copying license for" + Paramfile.getpath ()); 
   This.b.autodeploy (Paramfile, paramstring); 

From here we can see that it's 05-07 lines first to check whether the extension of the license file is XML. The 第10-13 Guild then uses Saxreadutil to read the file, and line 14th determines whether the root element is license. Then print out a line of information on line 22 (because the info level of the default log is open, so we can see this line of log):

06:25:14,380 INFO [licenseautodeploylistener:?] Copying license for D:\Liferay_Cluster_Enterprise\Node1\liferay-portal-tomcat-6.1.10-ee-ga1\ Liferay-portal-6.1.10-ee-ga1\deploy\license-portaldevelopment-developer-6.1-triallicenses.xml

Finally, line 23rd it calls the Autodeploy method for deployment, and we continue to follow up.

This b is an example of Licenseautodeployer, which completes the specific deployment of license:

public class Licenseautodeployer extends a 
  implements Autodeployer 
  void Autodeploy (File paramfile , String paramstring) 
      THIS.A = (paramfile); 
      A (); 

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