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I used to say that SEO industry only two forums worth visiting, the first is light Years forum, the second is BSG. Light Years forum should be a number of SEO forum to do the best self-discipline, the general people are basically not on the steps of the article consciously not hair. This leads to a reduction in the content of the rubbish, and the most important point is that you can only share content and not let you bring links. So let those who do outside the chain die of this heart, the natural garbage content is much less. The reduction of garbage content is a valuable reason to visit, you see now mainstream SEO Forum day thousands of posts, are turning around, are in order to send out the chain and in the article. The vast majority of Seoer want to find in the tens of thousands of content of a few quality articles really choose to cost too much, which also led to the decline of a forum. And, of course, as Guoping says, there is no good content. It also leads to less time for everyone on the forum.

Light-years in the best forum to curb spam, even so, go to the point of closure. "Lightyear Forum will be closed after October 20." The reasons for the closure are many, mainly the quality of the post content is not high, online spam forum too much, do not want to add another one. In addition, SEO training will be closed, October 20 training is the last issue. It would have been long before the training was over, but there was a constant demand for training, but this time it must have ended. "This is a microblog published by the former two heavenly flat." Personal just see this news when feeling too bad, SEO industry a superstar fell. Lian all think so, do not know those operating SEO forum people have any idea.

I now feel that the forum has become more and more decline, but do not understand that to disappear. Forum from the beginning of the internet just soon came out, now the information media is more and more. What microblogging, Renren, micro-mail and so on, these emerging media are more and more impact on the original old media. So there are more and more people playing Weibo, and fewer people are on the forum. Where the forum should go is a problem. If you can't find a new direction, the situation will become worse and worse oh. The above is an overview of the overall forum in today's internet situation. And now the SEO forum relative to other forums seems to be a lot of hot, the reason is this special industry. We know that links are key factors in the ranking of keywords, each big SEO forum on the daily tens of thousands of posts are not for the link, creating a lot of internet garbage. Where there is interest, where there is strife, the best way to pollute a place is money. SEO forum I estimate that many industry forums are the most polluted one.


This situation will have to let us think about the way out of the forum, as well as new ways of operation. SEO forum now want to create an Exchange forum is to remove the link first. Garbage Forum One of the most important bane is the link, as long as the outside chain of the Bane will become the same as other industry forum, normal, not deformed. Most seoer see a forum can not send a link will naturally not send spam content. In addition, the operation of the Forum has a variety of scarce resources, some of the majority of the webmaster need things, such as a variety of useful software. Some quality tutorials, such as various sites, imitation stations, HTML,DIV+CSS and other web-related tutorials. First of all, it is necessary to find ways to attract users, such as the resources collected after the collection of free to everyone. But this part of the content can only attract people, but can not retain people.

There are other ways to keep people, and I see a good way to talk about things on Twitter. Like the speed of the road network is worth the forum to learn, you can find the vast number of SEO most interesting topics, every day we discuss together. This is a very good move, on the one hand, we can very good interaction, on the other hand, can cultivate a habit, we feel that at this time should be on the road. Everyone will go to express their views, of course, is the intention to publish, these content are high-quality. Others have seen is very useful, the original such a question, there are so many views ah, such a person's pattern will open, can learn a lot of things, I also like to talk about the way, as long as they understand, will participate in.

Second Forum to provide the latest SEO news, SEO News can also cultivate user habits. Of course to high-quality, at present this piece does not seem to see what people are doing. SEO News to a master, often research search engine people, a bit of trouble immediately can understand is how, to tell you how to deal with. is equivalent to the SEO industry vane, which is for all SEO personnel needs the largest and is continuous. Although the operation of the forum details are very many, but as long as the catch a few points, still can work very well, although the forum is not as hot as before, but as long as we operate well, can make a hot forum.

The difficulty for China to build a truly excellent SEO forum is that people who want to do it don't have the ability to do it. In fact, national level can be built into an excellent SEO forum, but it is estimated that many things on hand, no time to take care of. People who usually have time to care do not have this ability. This is to prevent SEO industry No excellent forum the biggest root knot, the ability of people to go to the cause of money to go, no ability to use. The most cattle point stone forum is not the best example, SEO forum to follow this is a question worth pondering. The above is the author of the SEO forum on some of the status quo and the future direction of the development of a point of view, in fact, this topic to the micro-blog on the road may be more suitable for brainstorming. article content by Trawa Water pump manufacturers thinking, welcome to communicate with you, thank you.

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