Like open source software, we also need "open source TCM" movement!

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Like open source software, we also need open source TCM movement!

Today in an Exchange group inside, met a friend said: "My teacher hopes that his efforts can flourish." I think this is the mind of every person of insight, now the social wine is also afraid of deep alley , especially traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment technology, master level of people less and fewer, traditional Chinese medicine has encountered a lot of problems, if not pay attention to this problem, then now on the network of popular abolition of traditional Chinese medicine voice will be more and more big, The living environment of TCM will be even worse. So what's the best way to reverse this trend?

In the field of software, Europe and the United States and now the rise of "open source software activities", the purpose is free and free. Microsoft, which has been a monopoly for many years, now faces a global rise in open source activity that has to be embraced by open source. Western medicine is like a monopoly company, Chinese medicine to rise, should learn how open source software operation, free and free! Hope to have "open source TCM activities", do not put your technology hidden in the tuck. Anyone can freely use TCM diagnosis and treatment technology, so as to expand the cause of TCM!

However, now a lot of people on the Internet, in the TV on the Chinese medicine, the result is selling ads, selling drugs, training courses, which makes a lot of people profitable, "public welfare" things mixed with too many commercial elements, especially in the country's current situation, all fees and charges activities are only a suspicion of making money. So how can we identify a truly effective TCM diagnosis and treatment technology? I think one of the methods is to engage in "open source TCM activities", free to engage, to let people use freely. Since it is free of profit, then those fake mixed selfish business behavior naturally left, the Chinese medicine atmosphere is pure, people can really feel the cheap and inexpensive Chinese medicine, can really let Chinese medicine for the benefit of our future generations.

Some people say that we also want to eat Chinese medicine? What if I don't charge you money? In fact, the problem seems to be the programmer said: "We programmers have to eat ah?" How to do software free of charge? If you think so, then there is no open source software, if there is no open source software, then people will only use the monopoly of large software company software, and must spend expensive money but can only get inferior service. The result of monopoly in the Celestial Kingdom, people still do not understand?

In now many people all for money to see the society, need a lot of people like open source software activity participants such as to do more things, such as " Open source TCM activities ", free and free access to TCM diagnosis and treatment technology , expand the cause of TCM, to break the western monopoly of the containment! Only in this way, the majority of Chinese medicine practitioners, can truly realize their own value!

Like open source software, we also need "open source TCM" movement!

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