Line wrapping in Excel cells

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If you enter too many text content in a cell to be fully displayed, you can display the data in a cell in a multiline way by wrapping it, which is the wrapping of the Excel cell.

One, Excel Wrap line

Wrapping can be done by setting paragraph alignment, which is done as follows:

Excel2010 How to: Select a cell or range of cells that you want to wrap, and in the alignment group of the Start tab, click the Wrap Line button, as shown in the following illustration:

Excel2003 How to: Right-click, select Format cell, and then select the Alignment tab, and then check the check in front of the wrap line under text control, as shown in the figure:

Second, Excel forced line wrapping

In the process of entering data, you can force a newline by using a shortcut key, which is:

Enter the first row of data in the cell, you can then use the Excel shortcut "Alt+enter" key combination to implement Excel force wrapping so that the text is forced to the next line, which allows you to wrap the line through manual wrapping in the process of entering data, which means you don't need to enter a full line to wrap, More flexible operation.

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