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For a site, do link is a very good way to promote the site, just how to do this link in the end, many people are very blind, many webmaster in the search for the chain will also appear a lot of misunderstanding, the following is Roy net from the online collection of experts on how to Do Friendship link "method, Reproduced the reference again to share with you, may have been seen before, in order to you can more effectively exchange links, suggest that we still attentively to understand.

1, choose to do the link, very important premise is to first think of a good site for their website name search engine, the general people directly take the name of the site, in fact, this is the same as you do SEO is the same truth, such as The Times Network, When you do not know what time network is to do, if you use the "Times Mall" or "Times gift" in the text friendship links to the effect is much better.

2, links to the misunderstanding: the webmaster likes to use logo pictures to link the site, this is a serious misunderstanding, the picture link is not accepted by the search engine, the effect is poor, and text links are easily accepted by search engines.

3, outside the chain should pay attention to the link before must find out whether the other site is indexed by the search engine, do not have to be K-switched site links, so will only harm their own website.

4, outside the chain not too much, but better, preferably with their own site the same type or PR higher site links, so conducive to the search engine included. For the new station, do not connect with similar sites, because if your station does not better than others, your traffic will be better than you do the site to rob the past, this is the senior Internet incubation expert Huang Xiangru years of actual combat experience, this is very important, please remember. If you are a mature site, then be sure to choose a link to the high links, and sometimes their own competitors can do the site, cooperation can be a win.

5, we all know how each search engine is to see the external connection (friendship connection)? Baidu values the quality of external connections; Google values the quality of the external connection to increase the number of friendships, Yahoo more than Baidu value the quality of external connections. Trying to submit to a large catalog does not only get high-quality backlinks, but it does not have to pay any price.

6, a lot of webmaster do friendship links are looking for a high PR value of the site, this would have been a good thing, but a lot of people walked into a swap link misunderstanding. These websites simply require the PR value of the Exchange link site, and do not consider this site is not related to their own site, no matter what kind of site you are, what kind of content, as long as you have a certain PR value on the full link on the surface seems to have a lot of their own site links, The result may have some effect, that is, the so-called flow, but may not have a substantial effect. According to the experience of Internet incubation expert Huang Xiangru, with those with your site has a certain content complementarity, relevance of the site links the best effect, such as you are home class site, then you find the real estate category of the site or the life of the site to do friendship links, so you can bring a lot of traffic from their site.

7, friendship links the more the effect is not necessarily better, the number of links to the home page not more than 20, especially on the home page links do not link too many pictures, or affect the opening speed of the site. Of course, you can set a special link page inside the page, it can be more and more.

8, in doing the link to open the way the site should also be set up to create a new window, otherwise it would have been your own site guests but ran to someone else's website. Website quality How this relates to whether the site can be long-term problems, if the quality of the site is poor, but the PR is very high. Such a site is also not an ideal Exchange object. Site quality of the site's PR will one day come down, which for your site PR instability added a big factor.

9, see whether the linked site has been the major search engines and its search engine update frequency how (in search results can see the last time the dividend update, if there is no update for more than three days, it will not be displayed; If the linked site is indexed by major search engines and often updated, Then your site will also take up a lot of light. Because the search engine will also be linked to the site to update the corresponding, then you do not need to pay to the search engine companies to help you update.

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