LINQ object classes, viewstate, and cache (A serialization and deserialization problem)

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According to the description of msdn, The LINQ object class only supportsDatacontractattributeAttribute serialization operations, that is, they do not support serialization operations in the XML and bin formats, which makes it inconvenient for us to use the attributes,

For example, if there is a "student" LINQ entity class, an error occurs when we perform the following operations on it:

Student = new student (ID = 001, name = "ants", grade = "First Grade ");

When viewstate ["v"] = student; or page. cache ["p"] = student, an error indicating that the student type cannot be serialized will occur.

How can we deal with such problems? I thought it would be nice to add [datacontract] to the student class, but the result still won't work.

Let's solve this problem. After thinking for a long time, it prompts that the class cannot be serialized, so we can do it from the underlying layer, that is, implement serialization of this class by ourselves.

First, let the class implement the system. runtime. serialization. iserializable interface;

Then add the [serializable] feature to the class;

FinalCodeAs follows:


Public   Partial   Class Student: system. runtime. serialization. iserializable
Public T_helpcategory (serializationinfo, streamingcontext context)
This . ID = ( Int ) Info. getvalue ( " ID " , Typeof ( Int ));
This . Name = Info. getvalue ( " Name " , Typeof (String )) As   String ;
This . Grade = Info. getvalue ( " Grade " , Typeof (String )) As   String ;
# Region Iserializable Member

Public   Void Getobjectdata (serializationinfo info, streamingcontext context)
Info. addvalue ( " ID " , This . ID );
Info. addvalue ( " Name " , This . Name );
Info. addvalue ( " Grade " , This . Grade );

# Endregion


After such processing, the previous sample code will not go wrong. Of course, the results are correct.

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