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Inverse Polish expression evaluation

In the inverse Polish notation, its valid operational symbols include,, + - * , / . Each operand can be an integer, or it can be another inverse Polish count expression.

Sample Example
["2", "1", "+", "3", "*"] -> ((2 + 1) * 3) -> 9["4", "13", "5", "/", "+"] -> (4 + (13 / 5)) -> 6

What is an inverse Polish expression?

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Using stacks to solve problems

When the number is in the stack, when it is not the number of two consecutive stack, the data out of the stack operation, the results of the operation into the stack

How to determine a number?

According to the regular or relatively simple


It is important to note that the case is negative


I was first to determine if the first character was "-" and then whether it was a number.

The latter is for the four to run simply, note the illegal characters, and in addition to the 0 case, I am directly returning the maximum value.

Another note is that when the stack is empty during the operation, the input is not valid. Inverse Polish expression

 Public classSolution {/**     * @paramtokens the Reverse Polish Notation *@returnThe value*/     Public intEVALRPN (string[] tokens) {//Write Your code here        if(Tokens = =NULL)            return0; if(Tokens.length = = 1)            returnInteger.valueof (tokens[0]); Stack<Integer> stack =NewStack<integer>();  for(intI =0;i< tokens.length; i++) {String str=Tokens[i]; if(Str.matches ("\\d+") = =true||str.substring (0,1). Equals ("-") &&str.substring (1,str.length ()). Matches ("\\d+") = =true){                intnum =integer.valueof (str);            Stack.push (num); }Else{                if(Stack.empty ()) {System.out.println ("The Stack is empty"); return-1; }                intnum2 =Stack.pop (); intNUM1 =Stack.pop (); intres =Calculate (NUM1,NUM2,STR);            Stack.push (RES); }        }        returnStack.pop (); }     Public intCalculateintNUM1,intnum2,string symbol) {        if(Symbol.equals ("+"))            returnnum1+num2; if(Symbol.equals ("-"))            returnNUM1-num2; if(Symbol.equals ("*"))            returnNum1*num2; if(Symbol.equals ("/")){            if(num2!=0){                returnnum1/num2; }Else{                returnInteger.max_value; }        }Else{            returnInteger.max_value; }    }    }
Java Code

Total time: 11103 ms

Python program appears 1/-123 equals-1 problem, said manual resolution is too stupid, the program is as follows

classSolution:#@param {string[]} tokens the Reverse Polish Notation    #@return {int} The value    defEvalrpn (self, tokens):#Write Your code here        ifTokens = =None:return0ifLen (tokens) = = 1:            returnInt (tokens[0]) stack= []        #Print 13//3        #Print 13/3        #Print 6/(135) 0        #print 6/( -135)-1         fortkinchTokens:ifTk.isdigit ()orTk[0] = ='-'  andTk[1:].isdigit (): stack.append (int (TK))Else: num2=Stack.pop () num1=stack.pop () Num=self.calculate (NUM1,NUM2,TK) stack.append (num)if(len (tokens) = = 13):                PrintStackreturnStack.pop ()defCalculate (self,num1,num2,sign):ifSign = ='-':            returnNUM1-num2elifSign = ='+':            returnNUM1 +num2elifSign = ='*':            returnNUM1 *num2elifSign = ='/':            ifnum2!=0:return-num1//num2Else:                return0Else:            return0
Python Code

Lintcode Medium title: Evaluate Reverse Polish notation inverse Polish expression evaluation

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