Linux 60% for the world's top supercomputer

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According to statistics, about 500 of the world's top 60% supercomputers have installed Linux operating systems. Compared with other types of operating systems, linux has an absolute advantage in high-performance computing applications.

As a private house hobby for college students, Linux has been developing for a long time. Over the past few years, professional computer programmers from IBM, HP, Novell, and Red Hat have made continuous improvements, linux has become synonymous with powerful technology-Linux operating systems are widely used on global supercomputers. According to some organizations, about 500 of the world's top 60% supercomputers are estimated to have installed Linux, it replaces the Unix operating systems previously installed on these machines that were widely used in high-performance computing.

Linux has become the preferred operating system for high-performance computing. According to Hans Werner Meuer, a computer professor at the University of Manheim, 500 of the world's top 301 supercomputers use the Linux operating system, only 189 machines use Unix OS, 2 machines use Unix improved FreeBSD OS, 1 machine uses Microsoft OS, and 7 machines use unknown OS.

"Linux has dominated the high-performance computing market," said Mark Seager, Assistant Director of advanced technology at Lawrence lifmore National Laboratory ." Five supercomputers in the lab are among the top 500 super computers in the world, including the world's most powerful super computer "Blue Gene/L" and the top 5th "Thunder ". The two computers, like other supercomputers in the lab, are installed with the Linux operating system. Previously, these machines installed the IBM Unix operating system-AIX operating system.

SIGER believes that part of the reason the lab chooses a Linux system is that it is "Open Source code", which means that users can modify the code in concert with their own needs. In addition

In Linux, no authorization fee is required. In addition, the reason why Linux systems exceed Unix operating systems (such as ibm aix operating systems and Sun Microsystems Solaris operating systems) is, these systems contain many characteristics for commercial applications, but these also limit the system performance. The "virtual functionality" of the AIX operating system, for example, allows many software to share the same processor, but this "reduces performance ".

Linux founder, Linas. linus Torvalds believes that Linux systems are popular because they can run on more than 20 hardware architectures, including Intel microprocessor and IBM and HP's RISC processor. At the same time, unix operating systems can only run on one or two hardware architectures. "Of course, only a few of the more than 20 architectures are related to high-performance computing. However, this is still a huge advantage. Linux is easy to obtain, with no authorization fees, all the corresponding infrastructure, and runs smoothly on any hardware ."

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